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I see alot of great threads on this sight on how to improve your game. Its why I check it out so often. With thart said,the way to improve all of our games is watching Climo toss the plastic! The man is a machine. Maybe his best days are behind him,he is 41, but he has such liquid style! And if he is into it he is still a devestating opponent to all that face him. Liquid is how I would explain the champ. Lots of great form out there but check out how he has honed his momentum and shot into a truely beautiful throw. K...Im done lovin on Climo, but check this guy out...amazing!!

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well when the start getting stupid like this I just click "stop following" That solves everything on my end!
Some funny stuff on this thread.

Ken Climo is the best disc golfer to have ever played the game. Climo could beat most of us with a trash can lid. This is no slight to Innova, which makes great products.

Some famous golfer once said, "It's the Indian, not the arrow." Oh wait, that was Ken Climo.
Nibs Carter said:
I have been thinking on getting that training video with him where can I get one?
You can get your video at www.clearwaterdiscgolfstore.com
Nicholas Duran Pinetop, AZ 831.....831 and hes being scouted? man i guess he talks up innova more than i do to Discraft!
hhahahahahah joke !!!!!!
Nick is the two time and current Junior under 10 World Champion.

He lets his discs do the talking.

Lotto said:
Nicholas Duran Pinetop, AZ 831.....831 and hes being scouted? man i guess he talks up innova more than i do to Discraft!
I met Nick at Worlds last year. What a nice kid!

After two World titles he is relegated to the Scout Team!

Maybe it is time for Nick to get a new agent.
I just found this and thought I should comment. First off it's a real honor for Nick to even be mentioned in the same breath much less the same article as The Champ-KC. And kinda even moreso just a day after his 10th B-day. And just a few days after setting a new WFDF World Record for distance, his 3rd such distance record. And just a few short months before winning his 3rd World Championship Title, and his first Doubles World Title. He also has a couple of Putting World Titles as well as Distance World Titles. Quite a bit of accomplishments for a 10 year old. So Nick isn't being scouted for his "talking up" Innova. He is on the Scout Team for his hard work and dedication to this sport and improving his game to it's maximum potential. He is well on his way to becoming one of the top disc golfers of the future, and with Innova picking him up early on in his career, insures Nick will continue to work on his game. No "talking up" needed! And Mark, I guess I happen to be Nicks "agent" and he's thrilled to even be on the same Team with the likes of Climo, Feldberg, Jenkins. Scout Team suits him just fine. And he doesn't want to be the next KC or DF or AJ, he wants to be the first Nick Duran! Nick says thanks Discette and Mark for the positive comments.
Hey my bud andrew coggin is a 3 time jr world champ and 3 time jr dubs world champ and is on the Discraft reserve team but hey when your with the best company in the biz you gotta work your way to the top lol oh and you wont meet a better kid
Funniest thing the champ ever said to me after watching me make a really sloppy putt...."they don't draw pictures on the score card. They just put numbers" Who knew he's a prophet too and a pretty good drinking jenga player.
thats my line they dont put pictures on score cards "plagerism"


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