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Has anyone seen the news lately? All the killer kids? This stuff just gets crazier everyday. If moms are not killing their kids, kids are killing their parents(elders). Today, i read that a 17 year old (who is far from being a little kid) killed his mother because she took his Halo 3 video game from him. Then the other day, i read that a 3 year old shot his babysitter because he stepped on his shoe, then an 8 year old killed his dad while he slept. What is going on with our parenting? What are we lacking? What are we not seeing in our children? Are their signs and we ignore? Do we refuse to discipline and instruct?

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Wow...that would be mortifying.

Bill Burns said:
Interesting mix. Have you even seen the same person while working both of your jobs?
The Nubian said:
Amen JWI. I work at a parole office as in addition to my job as a mortician...
Like i said, you are entitled to your opinion. Just like He. You do not have to believe that Jesus is the answer. That was his opinion as you have yours. Just please dont bash. I dont want the forum closed. So far, you are the only one offended by what he said, so just ignore this forum.

Trevor Thorp said:
What I said is not God bashing. It is the truth. I did not make any comments saying that your belief in God is bad or not right. TheZman, however did say that Jesus is the answer. How is pushing your beliefs acceptable, but my comment is not. Praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster, for he is the only one who can save us. Why do Jesus people get so offended when the point that religion has caused many of the wars throughout history. It is just fact.
Seriously, people do let their kids get away with too much. But i am about to close this for comment because its turning into a religious battle. Thanks for reading though!

humchris said:
Regular discipline (for missbehaving) mixed with family games of disc golf, that's the way to bring kids up. My mom would have never let me get away with some of the things that parents let their kids get away with these days. I see kids in the stores screaming at thier parents "I want it! Gimmie!" or any other number of annoying whineing and begging. My parents would have pulled down my pants and spanked me in front of everyone in the store. Shoot, when I was growing up my parents told everyone of my neighbors and friends parents, up on the hill I lived on, that if they saw me doing something wrong to spank me themselves.
I personaly don't think that religion is the answer (just my oppinion, don't stone me to death), I think there is too much hatered in most religions to teach kids good holesome values. Anything that teaches people, "If you don't belive like I do, Your going to HELL," can't be teaching the right message. We are all here living on this little spining ball of dust and water flying through space and we all have to either get along with each other.

Keep Hucking
-Chris UPDGA# 0001


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