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Went out at about 7 PM to play a few holes and when I get to hole #13 I find the new trail construction that the City is doing. Our fine village is running out of money and letting go of cops but they have money to put in a wide cement walking/riding path directly behind our #13 tee. It also connects to a bridge which I assume will connect to a much larger system of paths. They even planted a sign in the fairway of hole #12 letting everyone know that this is Cottonwood Creek Park. We already have issues with people on the path and now it looks like there will be more. I don't think that they have thought this one through and they surely have not consulted with anyone in the disc golf community. I believe that they just see us as an inconvenience. Knuckleheads one and all. Why are we less important than walkers, runners or bikers? The City sucks. One of these days someone is going to take one to the face. We have been there for 15 years.

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A bit of a rant but I guess that time will tell if they made a wise decision or not. Walkers are already an issue so more traffic may lead to more problems. I hope not but the other day we had to deal with a lady taking pictures of her dogs on two different holes. I just don't get where they got the money from when they have to lay off cops and fire department people. We could use some of that cash. They have already taken away a good deal of land from us when they did their stormwater project. Now they are going to send more people directly at us. Wouldn't it be nice if someone from the City played disc golf?
I like the laying off cops part.
Walkers, runners, and bikers make up a much larger slice of the population that we disc golfers do and park trail systems are constructed to serve the majority of the populace. Granted, it would have been nice if they had notified your club or those who work on the course (I assume this is Cottonwood Creek we're talking about). But this is another case for private, disc golf only parks to be developed so bystanders don't take one to the face.

By the way, I will be back in Parker this weekend and hope to get in a early round or two at expo in Aurora on Saturday if you want to make the drive.
Thanks Ryan, but I think that my son and I will be eating pancakes. Don't think that my car would make it up there as well.

I just don't see where they get the money for cement and the people to put it in. There is already a nice red Breeze walkway there. The cement is just overkill and way more expensive. I think that the disc golfers for the most part are aware of the walkers and bikers but there are a lot of buffoons out there and it only takes one shot to the face of a pedestrian to cause a problem. I hope that doesn't happen. The City could have given us all of that money that they are spending on cement and we would put it to good use for erosion projects or weed control. I think that some of the people in charge spend way too much time inside an office and need to get out and smell the fresh air. Talk with us and we can give you some good ideas on how to spend that cash.

I just hope that there isn't anyone taking pictures in the fairway again tonight. They might get their dome buzzed.
We are going through a similar situation with our course, except we are going to have to move the entire course to a different location. First they Giveth then they taketh away.
You have got to coexist and share the space. Safety has to be the priority for all. A redesign of the suspect holes is probably in order. Contact the Parks Department and request a walk through for your plans to redisgn them. If you have firm plans, and options, they may let you (local club, course pro, designer etc.) move the holes, rather than the Park moving them for you.
park department meetings are public--your local club should have a representative there most meetings--if you don't take the initiative to present solutions, they will assume you have nothing to offer--they won't come to you, it has to be the other way around.

enjoy you're pancakes and we'll get together for a round next time.

if you buzz their domes it might be appropriate do it with a Buzz...
We don't really have "suspect holes".What we have is an uneasy coexistence, albeit one that seems to work. I didn't even think about it tonight during league except to say that the City shouldn't spend money on concrete. Spend that money in a better manner. Their priorities seem out of whack after all. Pedestrians were much nicer and unobtrusive tonight. Always a good thing. And simply put concrete is both expensive and unnecessary.

I guess that the City doesn't really suck. They are just misguided.

The thing with involving the City in any plans is that you then subject yourself to the bureaucracy and things never get done. If we want something done we figure out a way to do it. If the City wants to do something they submit plans and wait.

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