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I have two avair putters, one is a blue DX Aviar Putt and Approach and the other is a glow avair. As far as I can tell these two are exactly the same mold. I carry my blue avair and a pro rhyno because I like that it has a bead on the bottom and how grippy it is but I've noticed that there are some avairs with beads too. Can someone please list all the avairs and explain their differences?

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All the Aviars ? There are over 28 different runs of Aviars. Bead , No-Bead , 1/2 Bead , Dx , Pro , Star , Champion , etc.
I'm talking different molds not different plastics. And what the heck is a 1/2 Bead!?!?!? Also is my putt and approach considered a no bead? I consider a bead to be the thing around the bottom of my rhyno and my rancho rocs. Is that wrong?
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Sorry about the 1/2 bead. That may have been before your time. Early 80-90's.

Putt & Approach is stable. Flys relatively flat and straight. Champion version of this mold maybe more stable.

Full Bead ( Star Aviar Driver ) will be overstable. Dx Driver is stable.

I have thrown the Aviar for over 20 years in different plastics , weights and colors. I choose the JK Pro Aviar X for putting.
So was I correct in saying that my avairs do not have beads and the ones that do are similar to a rancho roc on the bottom? and which ones have beads?
My Aviar P&A's (DX) don't have a bead, but my KC Aviar P&A (Pro) does, and it's why I bought it, just to try it out.

Having said that, I'm frustrated by all the variations in same-model discs... I have 6 Aviar P&A in DX and several are domey, several are flat, the edge on several is rounded while others have more of a curve-into-straight edge. I probably got different runs, but I bought them when I'd been playing for 8 months and someone told me to get a few of the same putter to practice with. And, while I have several shops where I can get discs, none stock enough of the same model to ensure I get enough of them it in the weight, plastic and run I want.

Buying online is even more of a crapshoot. I'm basically at the point where I'll buy anything, try it, and if it fits somewhere in my bag, I keep it, no matter what it is (though I much prefer Pro plastic & non-domey discs). The names on the discs seem to be more of an inside joke than anything.

The only multiple discs I own that are the same are my 3 Forces, which I got all from my club; maybe that's the key, since the clubs tend to get them all at once, right? Buy from clubs that have a mass of discs in one model/weight/plastic/run?
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Yes, your Aviar P&A is beadless. I haven't thrown all the aviars and I actually drive and putt with Challengers exclusively, but I'll tell you what I know.

Beaded (all the same mold):

-KC Pro...these are stiff and I think rather slick, but some people prefer this
-JK Pro X...these are pretty gummy, just a little too much for me
-Star Aviar Driver...not as stiff as KC, but still too slick for me
-Dx Aviar Driver (NEW)...probably just right for me, I'd probably be using an Aviar today if these were around earlier

Beadless (all the same mold):

Dx Aviar P&A...your putter
Glow Aviar P&A...your other putter
R Pro Aviar (NEW)...I know little about these, I'm guessing floppy like the JKs, just beadless
Classic Aviar...stiff version of your putter...slightly different mold too I think, a little more understable
Star Aviar P&A...star version of your putter

So you should know that if you add a beaded version of the aviar from the above choices that it will be more overstable to start with. Also the JK, KC and star discs take longer to break in than the dx versions. All the aviars are pretty good, I'd just find one that fits your hand and your grip preference best. I like the beaded ones myself for feel and for stability. The challengers I use now are similar in flight to the JK Pro Aviars I used for a while, I just like the dx or pro d (in discraft) plastic for putting because of the right amount of tackiness. If innova had had a dx beaded aviar when I was choosing a putter 4 years ago, I may have gone with that, hard to say, but I'm pretty locked in with the challenger now...why switch?
Hey thanks for all the info. I went to the local bike shop where they sell discs today and bought a JK Pro Avair, KC Pro Avair, and another Pro Rhyno. They're all weighted 175. I took them out to the course to practice putting and I have to say I Love this JK Pro. I love how the beaded version feels in my hand, its only slightly different than a rhyno feels and it seems to find the chains more often than its KC counterpart. I think I'll carry the JK Pro and a Pro rhyno with me on the course and use the rhyno for windy shots.
Good good, glad you found one you liked. I did the same thing. Even though I putt with a challenger, I can truly say that now there's an Aviar for everybody.
all I know is that Im a beadless guy , less stable and flatter flying.

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