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 So I see bits of info here and there about the Katana but are kinda random and detail-less, and I see alot of people interested in them so I figured I'd throw this out there.....


If you have thrown one give us the details of your experience with it, and please include details about the disc. What plastic was it? What stamp/run was it? Japan Open? Proto Star Stamp? 2010 Worlds? What weight was it? What color was it? Was it flatter or domier?


Also, to make this info more usefull to others, please also include some details about yourself. What comparable drivers have you thrown and how do they compare? What weight drivers do you normally throw? Was your Katana on the heavier end or lighter end compared to weights you normally throw? How far do you throw?  How did you throw it? Sidearm? Forehand? Anhyzer? Hyzer? Luke Skywalker Hyzer/Toma-roller?


Ok it might seem like alot but if you take the time to post your oppinion about the disc for other to read the you probably will be kind enough to see the point in this, its cool if you post and other know you/your throwing style but if they don't its kinda vague. If I read that someone wrote  "got a 170 katana and its real over (or under) stable" it doesnt really do me any good because I don't know you or what you normally throw....so I don't know if you are a 6 year old kid who normally throws 130 class stuff and are saying "man this thing is super stable" or if you are a Pro who throws max weight over 600 feet and are saying "man this thing is super stable".......makes a big difference. Just tryin to encourage the people nice enough to share to not spare the details, it helps alot! Thanks in advance.......



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Katana=Less Stable Boss.
or what the groove was supposed to be.
Groove ended up being it's own thing.
Still Extremely popular.
It is number 3 on our "Top Selling" List.
Wonder if the Katana will catch it?
like a first run boss.
I heard it was a faster Roadrunner. if it's not, then I don't want it.
Katana is More like a faster Monarch.
It would be more comparable to your Roadrunner than a Boss would.
I would encourage you to try one if you like the action of your Roadrunner.
Stick with the Pro plastic so it can break in and get flippy like the Roadrunner.
I threw two separate Katanas. One was my friends Star Katana and I think that it was a bit flatter. I threw it on a hole where I would usually throw my Sidewinder. I believe that the weight was 172. It threw with almost the same technique as I would throw a Sidewinder, but it went further. The other one I threw was from a different friend and seemed to be domier. It also seemed to be more overstable. I don't remember the weight of this one. I had better results with the first. As for throwing it into a headwind, I might try it with some big angle to start. I have thrown a Sidewinder into a headwind, but I didn't start it flat. I know that might sound crazy, but if you know what you're doing it is possible. I also don't have a super powerful arm to flip the disc over. Anyway, my results with two different discs were definitely different.
I was just saying that I have thrown a Sidewinder into a headwind and most people would not do that. I had to start it on a hyzer angle of nearly 90 degrees. Then it would come out, start to turn over and end up flat. Not for everyone and not very easy to do. I don't have the biggest of arms either. I haven't tried to throw a Katana into a headwind yet so I have no experience with that.
With no wind I can throw a huge anhyzer distance drive with the star (Lemon Lakes stamp) and it will glide twords the target. In the head wind it doesn't seem to flip as well. I can also throw this disc out on a normal hyzer and if I take enough off the shot it will kind off hold a line similar to the groove (when I throw the groove with 100% snap and arm). I like that because it saves my arm. JMO
try throwing it at a slower arm speed. my champ can hold a pretty good line in a headwind.
I own every Katana except a 2010 Japan Open 1st Run Champion Katana Samurai stamp and a 2010 Pro Worlds Star Katana. I have been throwing, and continue to practice with, a Day-glo yellow 2010 Japan Open 2nd Run Champion Katana Lady Samurai, 174.2g and a bright green 2010 Presidents Cup Echo Star Katana, 175.1g. I also have a 1/123 Japan Open Champion Katana Samurai, a 1st Run Pro Katana, a 2010 US Masters Tim Selinske Champion Katana, and a 2010 AM World Champion Katana. At this point, I do not plan to throw any of the others as I mainly bought them to collect, but couldn't resist on the two I've been working with (I have dupes of those that are unthrown).
I've actually lined up the Japan Open 2nd Run Champion Katana, the Presidents Cup Echo Star Katana, the 1st Run Pro Katana, and the AM World Champion Katana, on my counter so I could eyeball the flight plates up close. The most pronounced dome of the bunch is the 1st Run Pro Katana, followed by the Presidents Cup Echo Star Katana, then the AM World Champion Katana, and last the Japan Open 2nd Run Champion Katana Lady Samurai.
I throw RHBH and my go-to discs in the past for distance have been a Star Destroyer 172g and a Star Boss 167g. My longest throws with these discs have been about 430 ft, probably avg. 400-410 ft.
The J.O. 2nd Run Champion Katana is very flippy. If I don't throw it on a nice hyzer line, it will turnover hard and not recover. However, with a good hyzer line I have reached 450 ft. Despite the distance, I don't trust this Katana enough to throw it every time I need distance. The hyzer line for me has to be just right.
The Echo Star Katana is definitely more overstable. I do like its flight characteristics more because I can keep it in the fairway better on a nice tight line. I get about the same distance with the Echo Star as I do the 2nd Run Champion.
I believe with more practice, I can hit 480 ft. on my throws. This year starts my 3rd year playing disc golf and I do believe there are still some throwing technique issues I need to correct. Hopefully, sometime this season, I might hit a 500+ ft. throw. I expect the Katana to help me get there.
I am waiting to hook up with a couple of local guys that can 600 ft. to see what they can or cannot do with the Katana. Now that Spring is coming, I hope to see them soon. Honestly, I can't wait to see them give it a try.
For those buying lighter weight Katanas, I can only imagine the hyzer line you must have to throw it on to get that nice S-curve out of it. Otherwise, I would think a light Katana would make a great roller disc. Definitely not a headwind driver.
I will probably end up giving the domey 1st Run Pro Katana a try here soon just to see how it compares.
Last, but not least, I have also been practicing with a max weight Discraft 2010 Memorial Championship Nuke. This disc rocks as well. Much more stable than the Katana, I've gotten greater distance out of the Nuke so far. Up to 15 ft. more distance. I believe the Nuke to be more consistent for my throwing style, but with the variety of Katanas out there, I think that disc can match up very well with the Nuke. The verdict is still out for me. Once the snow melts and the T-pads clear, we'll see what happens then.
I can vouch for this though, both the Katana and Nuke are rockets. They get out there so fast it's stunning.
RHBH normal drive 320ish, Im all arm power never could learn to throw with form. I throw two pro katana's first is a 167g in no wind i throw it about 350 with a slight S style flight path. I there is a head wind it flips over super fast. 2cd is a 175 which is slightly more stable, once again a no go in a head wind for me. I do throw with a slight hyzer. If I had to compare I would say its like my 172g star road runner but way faster. I mean these things git where that are going super fast.

However after throwing a freinds discraft nuke (unsure of weight), The nuke is a way better disc, atleast for me. Its just as fast but stable enough to chunk in some wind.


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