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 So I see bits of info here and there about the Katana but are kinda random and detail-less, and I see alot of people interested in them so I figured I'd throw this out there.....


If you have thrown one give us the details of your experience with it, and please include details about the disc. What plastic was it? What stamp/run was it? Japan Open? Proto Star Stamp? 2010 Worlds? What weight was it? What color was it? Was it flatter or domier?


Also, to make this info more usefull to others, please also include some details about yourself. What comparable drivers have you thrown and how do they compare? What weight drivers do you normally throw? Was your Katana on the heavier end or lighter end compared to weights you normally throw? How far do you throw?  How did you throw it? Sidearm? Forehand? Anhyzer? Hyzer? Luke Skywalker Hyzer/Toma-roller?


Ok it might seem like alot but if you take the time to post your oppinion about the disc for other to read the you probably will be kind enough to see the point in this, its cool if you post and other know you/your throwing style but if they don't its kinda vague. If I read that someone wrote  "got a 170 katana and its real over (or under) stable" it doesnt really do me any good because I don't know you or what you normally throw....so I don't know if you are a 6 year old kid who normally throws 130 class stuff and are saying "man this thing is super stable" or if you are a Pro who throws max weight over 600 feet and are saying "man this thing is super stable".......makes a big difference. Just tryin to encourage the people nice enough to share to not spare the details, it helps alot! Thanks in advance.......



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I loved it infact it replaced the Groove in my bag. I threw a 171 pro, white. Standard run of the mill disc, I usually throw somewhere between max weight and mid 170's. I'm a RHBH player and normally throw consistently in the 350+ mark but have been able to throw further when every thing connects. I throw a Boss for my over stable driver, and Grooves and Orc for every thing else. The best way I know to describe it is if you were to cross a Sidewinder with a Groove, it has the nice s-curve that you would get from throwing an under stable disc on a hyzer but has the nice cut at the end like a Groove does when they slow down at the end of the flight. I been throwing it much further than the Groove and have hit 400+ a couple of times this year already and haven't even had that much time to work out the best way to throw it, I will say this it seems that if you throw it on a hyzer release and get good snap that it will S-curve a mile and then come out of it for a nice cut at the end. Keep in mind that its not a particularly over stable disc so it really cant be compared with the Boss or Nuke, in fact it flys much like the Orc and Beast did for me before I started to develop an arm, a must have for any player who throw those types of disc!
I max around 450' and average 350'. The Pro Katana is junk. Thrown with a 40 degree hyzer, it will flip over and tail off hard right (max weight). The 175g Star (Orange) Pro worlds Katana is money so far. I would describe it as a less stable Boss. Thrown flat it will travel with a long slight anny and then fade some at the end. I've not thrown a champ Katana yet, but I've played a round with another player with about the same range and our throws tended to land right by eachother, with him throwing max champ and me throwing max star. I also have a white Pro Worlds that is 167g. It is very much like the Pro Katana. It takes an extreme hyzer release to keep this squirrely sucker straightish. The orange Pro worlds star is harder consistency and flatter than the lighter Worlds white star is, and my buddy's Champ is pretty domey.
I just bought a 171 gram pro katana and just tried it yesterday in 10 degree weather with no wind on a soccer field. With minimal footing and just a little run up it went 400 feet no problem and flipped over a little bit. I'm a RHFH player but threw this one RHBH at a 45 degree angle. It compares to a sidewinder but a lot faster.
My son won a pro worlds 166g Star Katana and gave it to me because it was too light.
I have been throwing it for over a month now and it has been a very good disc for my level of power. My longest shot so far was about 360' which is very good for me. I think I am averaging about an extra 30' on my drives where I used to throw my sidewinder.
I've been observing this Disc..and threw a couple of versions...Pro and Star...I didn't like the pro...it was understable GARB !!!! The Star, however held promise. I'm not one to jump on the new disc bandwagon...will watch and see how durable they end up being.
I throw RHBH and my average drive is around 310'. As Innova says "this disc if for the finess thrower" AKA...Noodle arms like me. I must admit I was skeptical, because I felt. You still had to have the arm speed to reach a speed of "13". Of all the molds that I've thrown. The 2nd run Japan Open CFR is my favorite due to the softer plastic. Can't and won't throw my 1st run or "Special Blend" discs, sorry. The 2nd run is 168g and is about as stable as the Star version and the Masters CFR is the most stable imo. I am amazed at how easy this disc is to throw and even more amazed at how fast this disc takes off. With the gummy 2nd run. I just put a little hyzer angle on it and I get a nice tight helix. As for the helix, the trippy part is that the "turn" occurs very late in it's flight. Almost the last 3/4 of flight before it starts it's turn and then fades out. As for the Masters CFR. I find that it can take a mild heawind with some hyzer on it. Over all imo it's the best performer out of the bunch. I just like the feel of the softer plastic in the 2nd run and the test plastic.
I must say, I am not a big fan of the new wider rimmed discs, but this discs has found a spot in my bag. How can you complain about 20+ feet added to your drive and no monster skips that seem to be common with this new breed of discs. I hope the Nuke lives up to the hype. Then I'll have a new headwind disc.
A long fast disc it is, a headwind disc it is not.
I throw RHBH and average 385 on a flat hole. I usually throw Boss or Nuke for Distance and throw them flat. Almost all my drivers are between 170 and 174 grams. I can hyzer flip the Boss but not so much the Nuke. I often hyzer flip a SW for a good steady fade to the right and love it on some tighter holes. Give the SW 20 feet on a hyzer release and good snap, its amazing. About the Katana....

I currently have a 168 Pro Katana, white, a lil domey and feels smooth. I have thrown a Champ Lady Samuari and a Star Pro Worlds. I like the pro's the best. If there is any wind at all outside of a slight tailwind, the Katana stays in the bag period. I have a 175 on the way and hope it can handle a slight wind. I have throw the Katana about 390 uphill a few times and can really rely on it to flip right when needed or hold a gentle hyzer flip when needed as well. It is a good disc. I will say this....

I have recently learned to throw farther consistently and used to not be able to throw the Katana well. If you do not have good snap or a good strong pull, save yourself the money and do not get one. This disc is NOT FOR noodle arms as Innova originally said it could be. Case in point, if you like and can throw a SW how it is supposed to be thrown and want something longer, and you can handle speed 12 or 13 diswcs, get a Katana and you will love it. If you cannot throw faster discs, don't get it because you will probably hate it. The Katana does have a smaller rim which I do not like, I have bigger hands and fingers and love the beefy NUKE!!!! My fav. and most reliable driver is definitley my NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUKE!!!!!!


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