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FROLF. How do you feel about this little word.

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yep...if it should be called anything, then how about "DOLF"
I dont really care for the FROLF word if I was to say that to anybody I throw with I think I would be made fun of for the rest of the round but I ll try it out and see how it goes over.
I'm sticking with Disc Golf !!!! Frolf sounds too much like Frisbee Golf.
I tell my friends when i am going out to "toss my saucer"
I dont like the word Frolf .... sounds like what ya do after drinking to much draft beer FROOOOOOOLF!

Frisbee Golf, Disc Golf or just plain old Goin' Discin' works for me!
I know there's people out there that use the term freely, where are you? Lot's of dislike, no like?
I've never been a fan of that word. I agree with Eirik in the beginning of this thread... It's sounds like someone barfing. I'll use the term Frisbee Golf to those who really don't know about the sport.
I don't like the word Frolf. I think Disc Golf, Disc, Discin should be left at that. I agree with mike that frisbee golf should only be used when talking to someone unfamiliar with the sport.
I don't know why this question was even asked.
It is as useless as posing the question......"should we call the sport basketball"? Why? Because the name is already taken!!!!!!

FROLF is not the same thing as disc golf.

(OK, calmed down a bit now)

Frolf players go out of their way to make sure that people know that they are not playing disc golf. They are not on our side.
In case you weren't sure, i hate the term 'frolf'.
I am with Mark Ellis, I like the word Frisbee,and I also like the word Golf. I am old school and still call it Frisbee Golf. I really do the not like the name frolf, nor do I like the phrase, cool beans. Just in case you wanted to know.
kcbrez009 said:
On other discussions, I've mentioned attitudes like this. So many people say stuff like this and then wonder why people don't take disc golf seriously... Contrary to your statement, Craig, not all golfers wear ugly pants and drink Metamucil, just as all disc golfers don't fall into the stereotypes of outsiders. In fact, as a group ball golfers are much better dressed than disc golfers.

I like the term "disc," though. It's catchy.

"Wanna disc?"

"Wanna play some disc?"

I like it.

Craig said:
I'm not a fan of frolf. I like disc. Why do we need to add the "golf" to the end? I don't wear ugly pants and drink metamusil....I play disc!

My point here was say that "disc" attracts a more diverse crowd than does "golf". I feel confident in this remark as I have lived in several different states working for several different "golf" courses (seen way too many ugly pants!) and have played "disc" all over as well. "Golfers" by in large fit into the same category, white males age 25+, white females age 45+, both from upper middle class to straight up wealthy. I know at the "disc" courses I have played you'd be hard pressed to guess the identity of any group out there.
We have more to offer! "Frolf" and "disc golf" lean much too heavily in the direction of and all the stereotypes liked with "golf".
I love Disc!
Craig said:
I'm not a fan of frolf. I like disc. Why do we need to add the "golf" to the end? I don't wear ugly pants and drink metamusil....I play disc!

that is funny!
i second 'disc.'
it's quick, one syllable, and gets the job done.

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