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I like to see myself as a humble layed back player even if im playing an exceptional game and really enjoy other humble players, but in this case, HA!!!  Ed Austin Park seemed to be a good idea for a new course and I was with a small group looking for another group of locals to show us the course lay out.  Lets just say I regret hooking up with this group.  The ring leader of this group was a short redneck with little man syndrome and truly believed he was one of the best disc golfers is Florida.  We decided to play a round with the group and it quickly turned into the National Championship (even though nobody in this group would be qualifed).  The short redneck would call all kinds of crazy rules (which would always benefit him) and instead of appreciating a good shot from others in the group he would get pist?  He talked about how many tourtaments he won and how he was the leading player in the area...blah, blah, blah!  Going into hole16 I had a good lead and enjoyed watching this redneck Ken Climo hit every tree and body of water in the park (remember he is a local) while I relaxed with my ice cold brew.  Hole 18 is up and I throw a bomb all the way to the pin, probably a few feet away from a win.  Watched little man syndrome throw a horrible shot which pretty much set the win in concrete and never seen a player have such a fit on the disc course!  Swearing like a sailor, telling me how lucky I am, nobody beats him, we broke tons of rules, threw his bag, and then walked to his car!  For those of you that truly are exceptional players it's always nice to see you humble.  Im sure some of you have similar stories or better and I would like to hear your horror story...

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One of our local pros, Neil, will kick your ass while wearing sandals and throwing flicks under his leg...no shiz.  He's f'ing amazing.  You do NOT plan on winning money when he is around (i rate around 970-980).  Funny thing is, I call him up EVERY time on the way to the course.  I enjoy losing money to the good guy...


I hope he reads/writes my epitaph.


I think that needs to start a new thread...

Not trying to be a jerk or anything, I just find it ironic that the guy who's showing off his biceps in his profile pic starts a post with the words "I like to see myself as a humble..."



Greg Barsby:)

Seen Gregs rendition of Ken Climo on YouTube !



Nick, good point. I want to hear the other side of the story, there always is one yanno.
It's always funny how someone always feels the need to throw a low blow.  Just becasue I have a pic with my biceps doesn't make be less humble.  If I was running around telling you how much stronger then you I am and that I would crush you like a grapefruit would distinguish your opinion.
Dude, lighten up. It wasn't meant to be a low blow. That's why I started it with the words "Not trying to be a jerk or anything..." I just happen to find humor in irony.
I met Ken Climo in person and he never bragged about his Wins. I did have him sign a Innova Disc ,

commemorating his 200th PDGA Win !!

do you think it was your massive guns that distracted his play?
Not really a low blow.  It's obvious you love your gun.  otherwise you wouldn't have a picture of it as your profile pic... prodigy.   Come on baby... make me a grapefruit.

For the most part, this dude would be the exception to the rule. In a couple hundred rounds played, I have yet to meet a real douche. I have seen the occasional bag kicker, but they kinda kept to themselves until their rounds got better.


I have seen from a distance the roving band of 9 shirtless dudes shouting over every shot while smack talking their massive way around the course. But....i would never play with them.

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