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I've only been playing for 2 months now and I have 2 midranges: a 178g ESP Meteor and a 180g KC-Pro Roc. I've been thinking about getting a Z Buzzz because I bought one for my friend for his birthday and he loves it. I have 2 questions regarding the weights of midrange discs:

1) Why are midrange discs made heavier than 175g? Drivers and putters don't go that heavy, so why are midranges made up to 180g?

2) Should I go a lighter weight (165-167g) for a Buzzz to have more "versatility" in my bag? What are the benefits of lighter vs. heavier midranges?


Tall Tom

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The max weight is measured by PDGA rules as 8.3 grams times the outside diameter (in centimeters). Most drivers are 21.1 cm and max weight is 175, mid ranges are larger so they can max out to 180 or more. No disc can exceed 200 grams no matter how large the diameter is. Mid ranges therefore can have a wider range of weights and stabilities. I still like 174 to 175 Rocs. Not max weight, not too overstable.
i prefer max wt on all my discs. especially on mids and putters. mostly on drivers as well though i do have a few drivers in the 172 range. i prefer heavier weights because i value control over glide. heavier weights are less affected by the wind as well. just my personal preference though. this is what works for me.
It's kind of, what ever floats your boat. I like lighter discs. Most of my driver and fairway discs are in the 170 and lower. My lightest are a 150g Destroyer and Flick. They just scream! I find that they stay flat longer, but still hyzer out like they were intended to do. As for my Mid's I use light ones as well, but they are hard to find. I throw a 170 Roc and Buzzz.The rest are in the same range. I don't notice a diff in the wind when I use them, then again they are not that light. Best thing you can do is go out and throw some at diff weights and see what works for you.
Within a few grams it probably doesn't matter. Max weight will fight wind better. Lighter weights will glide a bit farther.

Most players use midranges to navigate tunnels or small windows on upshots or short drives. For those shots, players who do not have a big arm or strong snap may be better able to throw the disc straight if it is 10 or 15 grams below maximum weight. This decision should not be about ego, it should be about effectiveness.

I carry 3 mids, one overstable, one straight and one flippy. The overstable one I want heavy because the job of that disc is hyzer strongly and fight the wind (Z Wasp, 178gr.). The straight one is a Z Buzzz and for me, anything within 5 grams of max weight (173-178 grams) is all the same. The flippy one has been in my bag for so long the weight markings are long worn off. If I needed to replace it, after a period of mourning and sorrow, I would try out discs in the high 160's.
Here's my newest standard response....this one's for you Donny!!!

"It's all relative to a players ability"

and like Mark said....heavier fights wind better....lighter will glide farther. Newer players should try to stay with lighter ones at first....being that lighter discs are generally less stable and easier to throw.
I get the advantages of the heavy weights - I can throw my 178g ESP Meteor 200ft reliably, but I'm still learning the 180g Roc and it's nowhere near broken-in. So I guess what I'm asking is if I buy this catch-my-eye blue Z Buzzz, what should I expect this disc to do that I can't/shouldn't do with the midrange discs that I already have?

To get to the point, do I need the 167g Z Buzzz with what I already have in my bag?


Tall Tom
It would fit nicely between the other two discs you have. Meteor (understable), Roc (stable to slightly overstable) Depends on the type of Roc you have? but thats a whole new can of worms! The Buzzz to me is nice and stable. 167 should do you fine.

For me all but one are light weight (168-170), I do have a super roc at 178g. I don't have a big arm so for me I can control these better and throw them farther. It took me a long time to find the right weight and disc for my style and ability. The super roc I use for getting out of tight spots cause of its weight. Your best bet is to try diffierent discs at different weights. Check out so of your friends discs, see if they will let you throw there's.
Tall Tom Westphal gets to the point: "Do I need the 167g Z Buzzz with what I already have in my bag?"

Without seeing you throw the discs you already have, any specific advice is just a guess. By now that catch-your-eye blue Z Buzzz may have been snatched up by someone else...

The downside of this decision is pretty small. The cost of that disc is pretty close to the difference in price between a plate of pasta made at home versus a plate of pasta in a restaurant. And a plate of pasta is seldom stable with good glide. It is even less likely to come in catch-your-eye blue.
This is just I've found personally. I find the more I flex in weights the more it hurts my game. I would say 2 mids is more then enough for somebody who has played for 2mths. I only use one mid....(ESP Buzzz Max weight).

A mid 160's midrange will get caught by the wind a lot more then a heavier one. Really if you bought a Buzzz it could do the work of Meteor and Pro Roc in my own personal opinion. -OR- you could use this lighter disc for shots too long for your 2 current midranges, but are too short for your Max drivers.

Either way good luck.
So I guess benefits as you was getting to the point... is the lighter weight would probably fly straighter/more turnover'ish then your Meteor. Plus have a disc for inbetween your other mids and drivers as far as distance.

Downside costs 15 or so bucks and it will get caught by wind more then the other two midranges.
This is the abuse I get from the guy I buy my discs from. It's a wonder I still play this sport.

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