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So I completely understand what a practice throw is -as far as tournament play is concerned. That being said, what would you do if a player in your group (with 3 holes left in the tourney, and you might just catch him or her) saw a player in a different group walking away from his or her disc, and at about fifteen feet, hailed the forgetful player and sidearmed it to them? And why?

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B. Practice Throws. A player who throws a practice throw or an extra throw with any disc any time after the
start of his or her round and prior to his or her finishing the last hole of the round (except
for throws that must be re-thrown in accordance with the rules, provisional throws made
pursuant to 803.01 C and 803.01 D (3), or throws during a suspension or postponement of play) shall receive
one penalty throw. The practice throw or extra throw must be observed by any two players or an
so when he made the call someone actually said they saw it also ?
My entire group of five saw it. Only one was enough of a douche to call it, another was enough of a douche to second it. The one that called it is a member of DiscgolfersR us and probably not have the balls to comment on this page. The seconder is a local who I've played quite a few tournaments with, and I truly never expected anything like this from him.
Yeah, rules are rules and douches are douches. Don't be that guy! Sucks when you get a guy like that in the group who is more interested in rules than skills. We don't have to and shouldn't ignore rules, but I think that guy took it too far. Lame!
Yeah he should just said "Hey Man, don't do that again" Nothing about that courtesy toss you described effects the outcome of the game.
Yeah, I can't tell you have many times I've lost because some douche calls the last sentence of 803.01A on me.
Good one, Steve. I haven't read past here yet, but I was kinda feeling the same way.

I've tried asking on a message board such as this, "When I get into a tournament situation, which rules are important, and which ones can I ignore?" I didn't get much of an answer.

The way I figure it, if someone warns me that I did something I could have gotten stroked on if it had been called and seconded properly, I thank them and I am very careful not to do it again. If I do get properly called and seconded on something I did indeed do, well, it's kind of like getting a speeding ticket. I am not happy about it, but I did do it, and I try to man up, not be whiny, and accept the consequences of my actions (what a concept, huh?) and move on.

I hate it when the one who is trying to defend the defenseless, i.e. the Rules of Play, is the one who is cast in a negative light, when it was someone else who is actually the “bad guy”, that is, the one who violated the Rules of Play.
I did man up, but I would have greatly appreciated a warning. I'm not demonizing anyone, and especially not the R.O.P. Besides, all it cost me was a possible 2nd place plaque and a couple o' discs. After all, 3rd place is the second best loser.
I know how you feel. You were just trying to do the right thing as a courtesy to someone else. It wasn't like you were trying to cheat.

During PDGA events , I Now , don't even pick up anyones mini marker. Yes , I have been stroked for that in the past !!!!
My brother plays with a huge douche that not only calls rules any chance he gets, but also has to be watched like a hawk or he'll fudge his own scores down. How do people like that even feel like they've accomplished anything?
Sure that guy that I play with is a d-bag, but I was actually going to comment on different situation. Two of my friends were playing in a tournament last year and they were playing doubles in a group with the TD. The TD actually allowed them to play the entire round from the wrong tees before disqualifying them at the end of the tournament. I think that puts this particular TD in the Royal d-bag category.
I might say hey, but not a stroke, if a short toss, too quick for them to think about what they're doing. Technically, taking a piss in the woods is against the rules as it is an illegal act. We don't have to enforce every rule it would not be fun.
That's hilarious! I had just returned from watering a tree (off of the course) when I got stroked. Even if they'd stroked me for that as well, I'd have beaten both of them by one. Oh well.


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