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So I completely understand what a practice throw is -as far as tournament play is concerned. That being said, what would you do if a player in your group (with 3 holes left in the tourney, and you might just catch him or her) saw a player in a different group walking away from his or her disc, and at about fifteen feet, hailed the forgetful player and sidearmed it to them? And why?

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I don't think it warrants all that Jim. It's obvious we all know the difference between a practice throw and a courtesy toss. ultimately, it's somewhat up to the players to make that call...most will not call a practice throw...However and it's rare...some will. The rule is fairly well worded and cut and dry now. By allowing an exclusion for returning a stray disc to another golfer by throwing it to them just opens the door for more controversy...imo.

A rule worthy of scrutiny and in need of a change, imo, is the Lost Disc Rule.
Point well taken Jamie. Maybe we can have a rule that if a majority of the people in a group think that someone is a douche you are allowed to throw him in the lake.
...I'll get on board with that.
Once again, many thanks to all for the sympathetic responses. Personally I think the rule is good as it stands. It is up to the players to decide whether or not they want to be a douche. In this instance, I think a warning would've sufficed. Having been a tournament official in the past, I told quite a few groups to decide for themselves unless it was obviously a major infraction.

Tee off and fly freely - Ed
Most of the replies to this don't seem to think people should get penalized because of what they see as a minor rules infraction.
Some understand the rules so little they think you can't get a penalty with first being warned.

If I ever play with any of you would you please tell me before the round starts what rules you don't like and aren't going to follow so I can ignore those too. I'd hate to have to play a tourney where I follow all the rules and you don't.

Let's turn it around. I would win Pro Worlds every year if everyone else has to follow the rules and I can just ignore rules I don't like. Wouldn't that be sweet!!!!
I nominate Pete
Obviously posts on here are open to as much mis-interpritation, as the PDGA rules. I'm not sure I said people couldn't get a penalty without first being warned, but I digress. I have experienced a number of disc golfers that take the rules more as mere suggestions than RULES, even in sanctioned events.
How many times have you been on a card and pulled out a stop watch to ensure that people are taking their shots within their allowed time frame? I never have, even as a TD. I have been in situations though, where a player is taking an excesive amount of time on each shot and we, the group, decided to make a request that he speed up. No hard feelings, no warnings, no strokes, were needed, just a little common courtesy.
Did that player technically break the rules associated with time limits? Yes. More than once? probably. But a casual conversation with the "offender" solved the issue.
I'm not sure this player was (blatently) ignoring the rules, as you rpost would suggest, but he did break the rules and we were able to reconsile the issue without strokes, TDs, rulebooks, and the like. This is kind of what I was referring to as sportsmanship. Not that we pick which rules to obey, but that we have an open mnd in dealing with "offender" so no one gets screwed out of placing in a tournament, like the OP.
A valid point I suppose, but I think there's a difference between what should be fully enforced at the Pro Worlds and what's enforced in a local club tourney (especially without issuing warnings). The point is really that people enforce nit-picky rules on people who were obviously not trying to break them or get an unfair advantage. It could be argued, however, that in most of the situations described in this thread the people calling the rules were trying to get a cheap advantage, whether it was technically "fair" or not.
The original question was "What would you do?"
No....the real Question....What would Jack Bauer Do???
Shoot everybody in the group and write all 1's on his card except for the longer holes for a total score of . . . . . . . 24!
Hey !! Look....Course record!!


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