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So I completely understand what a practice throw is -as far as tournament play is concerned. That being said, what would you do if a player in your group (with 3 holes left in the tourney, and you might just catch him or her) saw a player in a different group walking away from his or her disc, and at about fifteen feet, hailed the forgetful player and sidearmed it to them? And why?

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Absolutely nothing. If you have to resort to that to win then you probably shouldn't be playing. And then would you be happy winning not based on your arm, but because you called something ridiculous?
Don't be that guy!! :) That was common courtesy and not really a practice throw.
I agree it wasn't like he was throwing it to cheat or have a leg up in anyway sounds like he was being a good guy helping someone out you would be a major d bagger if you called someone on it
Thanks to all so far. I was the one being courteous and some douche stroked me for it. The stroke dropped me from a tie for 2nd and a trophy if I won the putt-off, to 3rd. rats
Technically if the throw is over 2 meters per the PDGA rules in a sanctioned event it is legal to stroke you.

That being said, I wouldn't be that guy. I want someone’s best game straight up, not some dumb ass technicality.

Reminds me of a story...

We were playing for bag tags a few months ago and I lost my disc in the wind with a thumber. We spent a good amount of time looking for it and gave up (I was in the lead at the time). I went to go re-tee and ended the hole with a 4 (had bad luck on upshot - real windy that day). This was on hole 17 and when I walked up to hole 18 they asked me for my score, I said 4, they said they counted more than that and gave me a 6 (re-tee 1 stroke, and 1 stroke for lost disc, plus my four to finish out = 6). I thought it was BS and that I wouldn't have charged anybody else that penalty. Didn't matter to them…and these are guys that I play with all the time. They said "those are the rules."

So I guess we're playing tourney rules during bag tag challenges, even though I see them foot fault all the time and take extra putts and upshots. I'll just start calling them on it and then stroking them if they want to play that way.

Sorry for the rant but this discussion reminded of getting stroked for something stupid. I truly think that it was because I was in the lead and those three strokes added to my score cost me first place and the lowest bag tag. What chaps my ass is that I played with a guy a few days earlier that lost his disc and told him to re-tee w/o penalty. He ended up beating me, if I had stroked him for it I would have won. What kills me is that he was in the group that day and didn't say anything when they stroked me.
What place did the guy who called you on that lame rule place??? and what div.
While it is the rule...There's a clear difference between a practice throw and a courtesy toss. I will always remind newer players of the little idiosyncrasies of the rules...just in case they are unfortunate enough, like you. to be playing with a doucher during a sanctioned event. Flipping the disc over on the ground, tossing back to their bag, slapping chain when their disc is under the basket, touching the mini or lie with their foot.

I got stuck with a doucher one time....A buddy of mine threw his disc in a ditch with water in it. We each headed down different sides of the ditch...I carried a small pole retriever at the time....we get to the spot where his disc was....he couldn't reach it...The edge of this ditch is steep and about 5 feet to the water....so I extended my retriever...grabbed the disc out of the water and flipped it up on the bank on his side so he could get it. I immediately get a warning for taking an illegal practice throw....granted it was just a warning...I guess I could have been stroked for that. I didn't argue the point, but none the less how was that considered a practice throw. I would never toss a disc with my hand to anybody or my bag during a sanctioned event...I'm usually 'spot on' ...on the rules....but that didn't even occur to me.
I would have said something to the guy to remind him that you were just helping someone out and to not be a douche. What's he going to do? Warn you again.

As for the OP, maybe you need to walk the disc over next time to be on the safe side. I maybe would have said something to that guy like "Wow too bad you couldn't beat me without calling BS" or "You're a real dick" or "Maybe if you played better you wouldn't have to rely on rules to win".

I'm not one to hold my tongue.

Anyway, live and learn.
Just curious what division? I am going to guess a lower division.
Division: Am Masters. This guy has placed fourth in pro masters in a different tournament, but whatever. Both he and the guy that 2nded the call placed in a four way tie for fourth with a -2 for the tournament while I finished with a -4 (shoulda been -5)

I am a good sport and not a sore loser or a rub it in your face winner but at the end of the round three holes later he actually tried to shake my hand. I gave him stinkeye and said "Don't bother, I'll break your fucking finger". I don't know what holding my tongue means either.

A little more backstory: On the hole preceding the penalty, the guy I would've tied for second got set to putt, realized he had left his towel at his last position and went and got it. I jokingly remarked '30 seconds' and waited the 45 or so before he putted. I would NEVER call anyone on any chichenshit rule.

20 years ago I walked up to Sam Ferrans on the last hole of a major at La Mirada and whispered in his ear " I'm the only one that noticed, but that was a footfault, be careful"
B. Practice Throws. A player who throws a practice throw or an extra throw with any disc any time after the
start of his or her round and prior to his or her finishing the last hole of the round (except
for throws that must be re-thrown in accordance with the rules, provisional throws made
pursuant to 803.01 C and 803.01 D (3), or throws during a suspension or postponement of play) shall receive
one penalty throw. The practice throw or extra throw must be observed by any two players or an
so when he made the call someone actually said they saw it also ?
My entire group of five saw it. Only one was enough of a douche to call it, another was enough of a douche to second it. The one that called it is a member of DiscgolfersR us and probably not have the balls to comment on this page. The seconder is a local who I've played quite a few tournaments with, and I truly never expected anything like this from him.

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