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So I completely understand what a practice throw is -as far as tournament play is concerned. That being said, what would you do if a player in your group (with 3 holes left in the tourney, and you might just catch him or her) saw a player in a different group walking away from his or her disc, and at about fifteen feet, hailed the forgetful player and sidearmed it to them? And why?

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Like I said, open to interpritation. If memory serves, players are allowed a verbal worning before any stroke penalty is assessed. The, rules mentioned above are in reference to the player throwing their own disc, not returning a disc to another competitor.
*Ins't a practice shot to see how the disc will fly? If you're not throwing your own disc, are you really practicing, since it will be the one and only time you throw it? Plus, how many times do you find yourself having to throw a forhand driver 15' during a round? Is that really a shot that someone would try and sneak a practice shot in?
He could put the disc in his bag and return it at the end of the round, but that would bring another rule into play, he is carrying a disc that is not marked appropriately with his name/pdga number (someone could try and stroke them for that). Again, there are a lot of rules left up to interpritation and common sense. Unfortunately there is not a clear rule to prevent people from being dicks - other than the courtesy violation, but that turns into a slipperly slope when people are penalizing each other back and forth over a situation they disagree about.
As a TD, I probably would have let it slide, unless it was a sanctioned tournament (NT, A, B or C-Tier) I would probably have more words for the person trying to issue the penalty than I would for the original "offender." People try and disect the rules as much as they can from time to time and the truth is neither is right or wrong, because it is their interpritation of the rules.

PDGA can fix this particular issue by enacting a new rule that says "a player will be stroked for every disc throw he/she makes during a tournament from the 2-minute warning until the end of all rounds (including any/all playoffs)"
By having closed ended rules like that invites questions like, "what if I..." that never end. It is easier for the PDGA to leave the enforcement of the rules to the players/TDs with a certain amount of common sense, sportsmanship and integrity. But people do cheat, and it is unfair, and there is only so much that can (legally) be done about it.
Sure that guy that I play with is a d-bag, but I was actually going to comment on different situation. Two of my friends were playing in a tournament last year and they were playing doubles in a group with the TD. The TD actually allowed them to play the entire round from the wrong tees before disqualifying them at the end of the tournament. I think that puts this particular TD in the Royal d-bag category.
Why not just put in the rules that any disc that is thrown in the act of returning a disc to another player will not be considered a practice throw. That is something that is easily verified since the disc will have the other player's name on it. End of story and we can get rid of these vague rules that don't aid the true spirit of the game. Maybe this is something that should be taken up with the rules committee.

I actually just went to the PDGA website and contacted the rules committee about this issue. I would advise others to do the same. Let's get control of the sport back from stupid rules that don't fit in with the spirit of the game.
It was a B tier event and from now on I'll try to confine my stupid decisions to my game play.
I wouldn't necessairly say it was a "stupid decision." I have, and will probably continue to do the same things myself. I wouldn't stand for being stroked though, I would say, "ok, thanks for the warning, and I won't do it again."
Unfortunately, in disc golf, you've always got that one little bitch that wants to pull out a rulebook and make a federal case out of every little infraction. I've met some great people through disc golf, but I have also met people scraped off the bottom of the barrel of society.
Especially in a sanctioned event, just try to be more cognisant of the rules and the fact that people are looking for a leg up anyway they can get it. Try also to remember that disc golf is a game, and getting to play all day is its own reward!
Your advice to overwhelm the PDGA with complaints about "what this one guy did during this one tournament just went off the charts."

Rules are rules, and while some are stupid, we all have to abide by the same ones. So, if everyone does that, we should all be fine.

OK, no one is naive enough to think that everyone will follow the rules to the dot, but if you do your best to follow them and try and help your friends to follow them then we'll be on the right track. The PDGA does have some work to do, but that will come along with the evolution of the sport. We've gotten the word out there and the sport is growing, perople know we're here. And, now they're starting to show up at tournaments, leagues, etc, they need to be taught things like rules and etiquette. That is, unless we are going to start making private courses and pay to play areas that keep this element away from the "true" disc golfer
HINT: If we're out there trying to have fun, get exercise or be competitive, we're all "true" disc golfers.
Its up to the people that have been doing this longer to be an ambasador to the sport and help these people along, no matter how nervewrecking!
I never said to overwhelm the PDGA with complaints, only to suggest that they change the rule so that it makes more sense. Change the rule so that it makes sense and then we can all follow it with a sense of sanity. Wow, your reply is like a novel. In the meantime I will see what kind of response I get from them. You really think that he is the only person to ever get called on this?
I actually already received a reply from the rules committee and he made a good point that they don't want to deal with intent. I replied to him that in that case a warning could be issued and then strokes could follow. I do understand his point.

It seems that we have no place for common sense these days. If I were in that group I believe that I could have figured out the OP's intent. But his point is well taken.

If you throw your own disc, strokes should be taken right away. Just a thought.

He suggested walking the disc over and I have to agree with that.
I don't think it warrants all that Jim. It's obvious we all know the difference between a practice throw and a courtesy toss. ultimately, it's somewhat up to the players to make that call...most will not call a practice throw...However and it's rare...some will. The rule is fairly well worded and cut and dry now. By allowing an exclusion for returning a stray disc to another golfer by throwing it to them just opens the door for more controversy...imo.

A rule worthy of scrutiny and in need of a change, imo, is the Lost Disc Rule.
Champ Wraith - sorry, but your memory is not serving you properly. There are plenty of instances where a player can be stroked for the first offense of a rule. Some penalties will give you two strokes, no warning required!! Players would do well to know these before thinking they will always get a waring before getting stroked.

The rules CLEARLY state you get a one stroke penalty for each practice throw during the round. The only time you would get a warning is if you throw the practice shot BEFORE the round starts and AFTER the two minute warning. (804.02A)

Next - the rule does not say anything about practice throws being with your own disc. It says "project a disc." There is no mention of your disc, my disc, his disc or mini marker disc.

The biggest problem with the rules is that many players chose not to read them.

Here is the link to the ACTUAL PDGA RULES OF PLAY. It is free to view and free to download: http://www.pdga.com/files/documents/PDGA2007rulebook.pdf
Point well taken Jamie. Maybe we can have a rule that if a majority of the people in a group think that someone is a douche you are allowed to throw him in the lake.
...I'll get on board with that.

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