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I have seen discussions here lately about disappointing discs, or the best from each company, but not one where you got a disc and were surprised at how well it worked.

I have to say for me it is a Champion Viking 172 gr. I only got this disc after getting a 35$ voucher for winning a tourney. He had mostly Innova, I throw mostly Discraft. He didn't have any Innova I was familiar with except heavy Valkyries. I picked up a Viking and asked him how it was to a Valkyrie. He said just a little more stable. I picked it up, hoping it might find a way into my bag, if not it had a cool stamp and might make a great memento of the tourney tyo hang on the wall.

The disc ROCKs! I love it. It is super straight and did not have any tendency to turn over with full power. I was getting as good distance with it as I ever did with a Valk, and just shy of my record distance with a QJLS. The disc was a big surprise and found its way into my bag immediately where I need distance on straight shots. Distance is still improving with it and it may become my go to disc for max distance( currently held by my ESP Crush).

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Another vote for the Comet here...although there's been a gigantic HOLE in my bag for the past several months after the pond on my home course ate my "one and only" after I kicked WAY left off a tree.

That disc for me was MONEY. If I needed 175-225 feet on a low, straight line, that was the disc I used. I love the Buzzz, but I've noticed it has a tendency to turn over into an anhyzer line if I throw it with a little too much speed. The Comet though...that disc I could do just about anything off the tee or fairway and it would hold its line. Absolute money. I need to get a couple more, but I just haven't had the ability this Summer. GREAT disc though.
Well I gota say when I got my first star proto destroyer, I throw mostly for hand and at first it would go fast and strait but when it slowed down it had teeth and turn hard. But after I hit a few trees , it got straiter and longer. When they get beat in they are great. But I found out at lest for my self the super flat ones work the best in champ. And proto star first runs.G-MAFIA
Nobody loves the lowly aviar!
I don't think anyone is surprised by an Aviar. They've only been the most popular putter and short range driver on the market for nearly forever. The Wizard is coming for that title though, Aviar fans all over are seeing the light.
the rage the disc no one seems to like goes farther than anything else i own other than my star destroyers, farther than my max, valks, teerex, illusion, spirit, champ destroyers, eagles, leopards, beast, and my star destroyers only go about 20 feet farther, have thrown one about 380' , they also roll better than my cobra and leopards, and in light weights they kill my valks on tailwinds, i think gateway just didnt promote them correctly there a pure forehand disc
I actualy just made the switch back to my kc aviars from the wizards
meteor. glides forever

Champion Viking is very Cool !
Quest AT ultralong range driver. It floats so that was why I got it, but I was shocked at the true flight of this disc. And its pretty long also. I think the key is to take some power off of it. Its quirky looking ( suprise right? ) but a really great disc.
Has to be a Banshee. Right now I've got Champion plastic with a DX backup. My last ace was with a Banshee (sidearm on a short hole around a tree). This past week I hit a sick blind shot down a hill from a different fairway. I love it because I can put it out there to the right distance and then simply let it fade to the hole. Speed and distance. I love it.
For me it would be the mako. Fantastic from first throw!
I found a 10 year old gazelle in my basement that was old, beaten up, and looked like it wouldn't fly at all. I cleaned it up and decided to toss it in my backyard. To my surprise, I bombed one across my yard and down a hill. It would've been the property of my neighbor's dog if it hadn't hit trees. After that I carried it around and I use it regularly.


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