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So what's the verdict? As some one who max's out at around 320ish. Would I be able to throw this disc or is it to much for my arm? For instance, the Katana works for me, but the Gold Line Halo. Looks like it's to much for my arm.
So could you let me know if I would be waisting time and $$$.

Thanks and Peace!

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You need some new buddies, LOL. I am the only one in the area that I know of carrying around a 2010 Memorial Championship Nuke. I actually have three; Armageddon Black, Orange and Yellow. I throw the yellow one of course. I too am mostly an Innova guy, but the Nuke is special.
I have let several of my buddies throw my Nuke and I love the surprise on their faces and the comments I get once they see just how far this thing will fly.
Then, when they ask me where they can get one like mine, I tell them on ebay for about $50.00 and watch their jaws drop. Then I refer them to the 1st run Nukes just released and selling for $17.00 or so. They can get those sure, but I'll still be one of the few guys carrying around a Proto Nuke. Yeah, I let 'em throw it, then I watch their faces as I put it back in my bag :)
Oh yeah, I live in Orlando, and still play almost every day!
I think if you throw it FLAT and with good snap the nuke is comparrable to a faster TEEREX, IMO. It flips a little about like a Wraith will when thrown hard and it also holds a long anny line. I threw it FH a few times and it is a little flippy, but again, just like a TEEREX when thrown FH to me, but of course longer!
I have both the Nuke (ESP memorial fundraiser and ESP first runs) I also have the Katana (Star and Pro). The nukes are all 174 - 175 g and the Katanas are all 175 g. I am not a big arm but have an average arm. I can average between 375 and 400 with my backhand on flat ground. The difference for me is that the Star Katana tends to have more highspeed turn, meaning that right out of my hand it will turn over if thrown flat but come back at the end. If thrown with anny it will stay annied it's whole flight. The Pro Katana is very flippy for me and will stay turned over unless thrown with a hyzer flip. As for the nuke, I can throw it flat and it will turn over slightly but consistently come back. It does not take a headwind well but it is a great downwind driver. Of the two, I throw the nuke for more consistent D. The Katana for me is great for long uphill drives. Both discs have found their way into my bag thus causing me to put away the destroyers. I too can't wait to see how the Nuke will fly in Z plastic.
The nuke is a bomber!!! more stable then a boss, I really do think faster teerex.
sounds to me like a faster Wildcat
Faster TeeRes? Faster Wildcat?...I think we can all agree it is just "faster"
lol. Nuke = 13, 4, -1, 3 and Wildcat = 10, 4, -2, 3. Boss = 13, 5, -1, 3, nearly identical, 1 more on the Glide than the Nuke. sounds like someone earlier may of had a point with the Boss.
They are not that close. I know I have thrown them both, a lot.
the nuke does fly far! i have thrown all of the katanas, and the nuke is more stabe than all of them except the new champ katanas. someone said it was more stable than the boss....DEFINATELY not near as stable
I have been throwing my Nuke for a few days now. I also had a memorial nuke for about 2 weeks. It is different then the Boss, I think just a faster destroyer. When thrown with good snap it glides straight for me, but when I add a harder pull to it, it flips a bit like a destroyer. Nothing big unless it is into a headwind. I bombed it 365 uphill the other day and love mine. So no, not a faster teerex. I would argue that my nuke seems faster then my r-pro boss.
Can't wait for the Z - Nuke !!!!


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