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We all know that trees are an integral part of disc golf. But if you have an abundance of Chinese Elm trees on your course (like we do) you soon realize that it is necessary to prune them on a regular basis so that the course doesn't get out of control. They grow like weeds. If properly pruned and maintained they can look decent however.

So yesterday we had a course cleanup day at our Cottonwood course. We had a lot of people show up to help and this time we actually closed the course from 9 in the morning till 3 in the afternoon. I had the good fortune of getting a small chainsaw from a friend to use (maybe a 12" bar, a pretty small one). We team up with the Forestry department in that we do the cutting and pruning and they will mulch up our branches and return them to the course. So all was going well and our group of three was moving to a fairway on the longest hole of the course. It is close to 500' and uphill. Very difficult and I have been known to get a 5 on it before.

We get over and start pruning and I take a branch that is low and hanging out into the fairway. It is indeed a live branch but it is hanging out in the way. Our goal is not to prune lines for throwing but rather to maintain lines that have existed in the past. If we simply let the Elm trees go wild the course will look like crap. Next thing I know this crazy dude starts yelling at me that I must be out of my mind for cutting that live branch. I try to remind him that this is a work day and this is what we do twice a year. He tells me that he is going to "knock me out and take my saw". In the end I just tell him that I am not going to argue with him and walk away. I put the chainsaw away until he has gone somewhere else, I prune for a small amount of time using a hand saw, and then I pull the chainsaw back out and start working in a different area.

I was pretty pissed off that someone who is never around (I only met him for the first time on that day) shows up all of a sudden and starts yelling about something that they know absolutely nothing about. He had never dealt with the midnight cutters or the branch breakers. He showed up, started trouble and tried to tell us what we could or couldn't do. We are aware completely of what we can and can not do. We partner up with the Forestry department in that regard and they are more than willing to let us trim up the place because they have a tight budget. It works for both of us. We don't need a clown to get in the way. This guy will never be welcomed back at a work day again. And the irony is that another guy showed up who is a professional landscaper and he took out his equipment and pruned up plenty of live branches.

I will say that the course looks pretty good today but there is still a lot more stuff that needs to be cleaned up. I saw more broken branches today and little stubs where someone previously did a poor job of pruning. Oh well, maybe next year.

Oh, the politics of trees...

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Wow some people are just idiots... friggin tree huggin dirty hippies >.< hahahaha jp :) i love hippies :)

Thanks craig!!!!

I thought the same thing at first. Maybe the guy is an Eco-Nazi. But honestly, we are having a work day where unpaid volunteers show up to do the necessary work and bring their own tools, etc. in order to accomplish the job. Part of that work is trimming trees. Yet when we attempt to do the work we get harassed by a volunteer. Unreal. That guy will never play league if I am running things. Worse yet is he supposedly goes to all of the meetings for us to try and get new courses. That is not the kind of person that we need representing us. He doesn't understand anything and is possibly mentally unstable.

That was the only blemish on one of the best work days that we have had in the past five years. It was a complete success. We completed the following:

1) Picked up trash.

2) Trimmed trees and piled up the branches.

3) Picked up broken glass.

4) Reworked a tee, fixing the retaining wall and putting in a new bench.

5) Spread mulch piles.

6) Fixed two pin positions.

7) Put in signs warning of disc gold activity.

I played league today but couldn't throw very well because I was completely sore. And my friend who helped me out a lot and was one of the first people there yesterday morning hit the $280 ace pool. I told him it was because of the good karma that he put in.

In my experience, anytime you make a change to a course, even in the case of just returning it to the original design, or removing fallen trees to bring a fairway back, etc, there will be ***holes who just can't accept it and will get pissed. Sucks to be them, and it's their problem let them deal with it. Most of us want our courses maintained and playable.

I think that you nailed it on the head Ben. Thanks.

I just wanted to update the thread. Forestry came out and mulched up all of our branch piles. The course looks great and now we have quite a bit of mulch down in different places. I also got a personal endorsement email from the head of Forestry  saying that they always enjoy working with me.

This guy is now on the radar with some higher ups trying to get us new courses and not in a good way. It seems that his rant has backfired on him. People will now be watching out for him at meetings and making sure that he doesn't go off.

Also, we played that hole in the long position last night and it was almost laughable that this guy was complaining about the branch that I cut. You wouldn't even notice a missing branch unless someone pointed it out to you. There are so many trees on that hole. My partner and I carded a 4 on it in doubles. Getting a three on that hole in that position is definitely like a birdie. It is the most difficult basket position on the course.

Good work Jim, I want those new courses in a bad way. You know I have said there are some crazy placements stuck directly behind trees there so I am sure I would agree with a branch trimming. I am all for heavily wooded courses but there needs to be some sort of fairway to avoid the dreaded "poke and hope"

Just thought that I would update this thread with a few things. I guess that Avery Jenkins showed up yesterday to throw at Cottonwood. My friend , Kurt, who sells discs and bratwurst up there talked with him. Avery said that baskets probably need to be marked better (number signs and all). This is probably true as our baskets are getting on in age and some of the number plates are beat up or even missing. We do try to mark basket positions on the signs with stickers but they get peeled off as well. Surprisingly, the course is still looking pretty good nearly three weeks after our work day.

Then today I was talking with Kurt after a round and our friendly village idiot showed up. I didn't really recognize him at first until I saw his goofy smile and he started talking about some disc that he had. I didn't say anything to him, just gave him the evil eye. He went on his way, playing by himself because he probably has no friends. Oh well.

But Avery Jenkins was at our humble course. I hope that he enjoyed his round. My friend Kurt told me that Avery's girlfriend could probably out throw me. That might just be true.

BTW, on the hole with the "holy branch", the basket is only in the regular deep position now (as opposed to super deep). My drive wasn't so good but I did get a decent up shot and had a nice look at par. Ended up carding a 4. It's still a tough hole because it narrows towards the top of the hill where the basket is. And I don't miss that branch (and I doubt that anyone else does as well). The hole does look a bit cleaner but there is still plenty of trouble around.

That's about it from my small section of the world. Don't forget to change the clocks this weekend.

On a side note...I was playing in a NorCal tourney about a few years into me picking up the game. My round was over for the day, so I thought I would caddy for my friends wife. OK so there was a pretty lady in her group that I wanted to meet!

So I had no idea who the other people in her group were. Their names were Val and Burl Well it turns out that it was THAT Val and Burl, but hey,I was still new. I had no idea who they were at all! OK sorry I'm rambling lol! So in short, don't feel bad Jim. All four of those ladies were out driving me BIG time.

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