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so, i wanted to say thanks for all the advice on putters... i tried quite a frickin few and ended up settling on the jk-pro aviar for a while... HOWEVER... i have recently decided to try putting with a crystal Z Buzz... i don't know what it is, maybe the size of the disc is just more comfortable because i have big hands, but i've been hitting some great birdies, par saves etc when i use it... it started as a whim but it seems to just work really well for me... i've decided to give it a few complete runs on my next couple outings, and see what happens... thoughts? opinons? suggestions?

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Hmmm . . . sounds interesting. I may try some putts with mine tonight. I usually use a classic aviar, but for longer putts the Buzzz could be an answer.
I usually go with my trusted KC Pro Aviar but from time to time, I will putt with a Gateway Element.
What ever works for you. Heck, one of the guys I play with putts with a Dx Panther. I never liked using mids for putting. They always seemed to "fast" for me. I don't think your alone, alot of people use mids for putting. I've used them when I have a awkward putt and I can't get any power behind it.
Both the Crystal Buzzz and JK Pro Aviar have great feel of the rims. Experiment and see what you like for each situation.
I roll with the buzzz on really windy days and it works great. But in regular conditions I still prefer the control and utility of a putter. Thats awesome that the Buzzz is working out for you though. One of my favorite discs, and judging from most bags, alot of others as well.
IMO the Buzzz is just alright. I really love the Comet and Zone. I putt with the Zone from time to time I feel its heavier and more solid than my putters and maybe it has a less chance of coming out. But still I use my Soft Banger GTs most of all.
Zone, and Flx Challenger both discs I can always rely on.
Come to the dark side and try a Rhyno :P
If you like the crystal buzzz for putting try a crystal challenger
It's always going to be a matter of personal preference however, Imo, Gateway makes the best putters.

not to sound like a pitchman and I have no interest in promoting any companies equipment.

One of my buddies finally got a super soft wizard...be it by chance...he got one. This dude was throwing a Star Aviar. I had told him a few times in his moments of frustration to get a Gateway disc. Well he got one...went out to Reed Canal DGC and aced 3 times in one round!!! ...with that disc. Now obviously, he hit 3 of the shortest holes out there.(114, 125, 141)...but none the less he was able to easily throw that disc on a relatively straight line each time...no waiting for the disc to break-in...right out of the box new.
I've tried all sorts of putters and mid range discs as putters...recently I settled on a Gateway Voodoo - it is grippy. I also like the JK Aviar-x. I think what it boils down to for me is a disc being grippy and being grippy in the rain.
If a sharp edge mid range disc were better for putting, all of the pros would be using them.
None do.
There are too many reasons to list why not, but it is too fast, too slick, and too squirrely.
Many times players get good results with a fluke and then seem to stick with it.
The most common one is using a driver on a hole that you can reach with a putter.
Sure, you took so much off your driver that it seemed easy to reach the short hole and ,well, it was the only time you ever got a birdie on it so you are going to use a driver every time you get to this short hole (seems easier than learning the correct way of reaching it with a control putter shot).
Works great until you pull it a little or put just a touch too much on it and then disaster. The disc goes too far, or skips away from the basket. If you have a putter and you put a little extra on it, no big deal as it will just be a little bit farther away, not what you will get from the slick driver---proper disc selection is essential and hard to learn.
This scenario is waiting for you putting with a buzzz. When you miss, the buzzz will not leave you within putting distance. You are doing what we call "learning the hard way" lol. Sorry to be so hard, but I want to save you from frustration and misery! Eventually you would figure all of this out on your own, but I can save you some time.
You have found what we call a "false sense of security". And are falling into the trap of "practicing bad habits".
Learn your putters. Trust your putters. And save your buzzz for upshots, approach shots and short drives!
A putter is the most accurate disc in your bag. It's slow speed is what makes it that way. Learn it. Love it.
Do not make excuses to shy away or replace it....thought, opinion and suggestion.

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