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Here in Columbus oh, the nearest course to my house, called Griggs Reservoir Park, is a public park the runs down the edge of a river. It can be a nice course, but needless to say most regulars have lost at least one disc in the drink.

On thursday I decided to make the day dedicated to throwin and threw three local courses since the weather here has been stellar. The last course I chose to throw was Griggs and I met up with my bro and his friend after they got out of class. One of the first things out of my bro's mouth was how he lost his disc in the wet stuff the week prior and was really bummed about it. I asked him if it was marked and he said he marked it exactly the same way as all of his others.

When teeing off on the 5th hole, we noticed The Infamous River Rat, another avid disc golfer who dredges in the water at his own risk to find all of those lost discs people paid hard earned money for.
I have always had a distaste for this guy because I know he doesn't call people back when he finds marked discs. He'd rather sell them and make a quick profit.

After walking to our discs he had given up his search for the day and was walking back to the parking lot behind us. I yelled to him "Are any of those marked?!" he proceeded to briskly jot through the stack and yelled back and quick "Nope!"  My bro ran up to me and said "Thats my green leopard on top there! I know it!" We tracked the guy down and looked through the stack.

Right on top was my bro's green champ leopard, marked just like all of his discs. I told the dude we were taking it back. He started to give us shit, asking "How am I supposed to know it yours?" My bro whipped out another one of his discs, marked the exact same way, and the dude finally gave us the disc.

After the round I noticed his little shop posted right next to the first tee, so i decided to see what he had. I would say 1/3 of the discs he was selling were marked with phone numbers! I asked him if he ever called the people and he just ignored me.

This just doesn't seem right to me, and further proves that marking your discs is becoming futile.

What are your thoughts?


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Let me clarify....My response is related to the josh's post....some scumbag pulls a knife.....it's no longer about a piece of plastic.
not a bully...and don't get me wrong he is the reason we have 2 courses here...so I don't want to seem to critical of him. I just don't think it's right that's all. River Rat thing made me think of it...and it's sorta similar. Just in principle of knowing someone spent $20 on that disc and you don't even call them. I have returned countless disc and have NEVER had one returned to me. Where's the love?
Just this week I returned a disc to a guy who practically had the wind knocked out of him when I said "I found you disc" because he's never had one returned in years of playing.

I know the River Rat and it is realllllll simple. He walks out there and I do not. Have you ever looked at that water? I tell him here are the discs I am looking for and will give him 3-5 bucks for each that he finds. Its either that or I will never get my disc back. That water will rush a disc a hundred yards sometimes before it stops and the river rat gets them back most of the time. And I understand you are saying your bro "marked" his disc like he does all the time ? How would the river rat know this ?? And he calls back the numbers all the time ! Most of those in the box he sells are traded... And if you find one with you name on it he will be happy to sell it back to you. Oh and your BRO should have tossed him a few bucks...

One can try to debate this till you're old/gray.Either get into the water then and TRY to find or accept your loss.You'll live longer without the stress.Throw water or cheaper discs when water is in play or accept the inevitable.Will side with Jamie on the knife/gun issue;in Florida one has the right to defend his life with whatever means it takes to survive,but some of us just don't shoot first.I'ts scary out there guys/gals,we still have to deal with the police with what action one takes.

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