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When you drive and get it to do that beautiful "S", how are you throwing??

Is the disc thrown flat with a lot of snap? is it thrown on a slight anny??

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There are a couple ways to throw it but the easiest is definetly to take somthing overstable like a force or boss and throw a big anny and let the disc do the work.
Maybe a totally turnover disc thrown with lots of hyzer.
Im talking about when a disc annys at first (high speed fade) and then hyzers back (low speed fade) giving it that extra distance.
i bought pretty much all my discs within the last year. at first, my groove was the best anhyzer disc. i could put a little angle on it and it would either turn all the way left (RHFH), then finish straight. recently, i have to put some hyzer on it for it to turn and get the full effect. i throw it RHBH now and still have to put hyzer on it for it to fly the way it should. i find that a little hyzer with a full, complete follow through works the best for BH (almost all discs, except for beat in spider [takes big hyzer to fly straight at full thottle] which flips pretty easily except in tail wind) is the best for max D. i hope to get a katana (still not sure which plastic) and that will be the ultimate distance disc. no matter what disc, it goes a little left at the beginning, turns right for a while, then finishes with the low speed fade. call it the helix shot for max D. most would agree, except i think avery jenkins thows a super overstable disc with anyzer and lets the disc do the work. it's all about finding the right angle for the disc, and each will fly at its own maximum.
i should say my personal distance: star spider: max 300+, use on most < or equal to 300 holes; star FL - 300+ to 340 holes; star sidewinder - max D because understable can go as far as you want it to - hyzer flip/helix; ecostar wraith - a bit of hyzer flip but will depend on wind - 350+, up to 400+; star xcal - still hyzer flip on FH - BH is a hard left turn, max 340+; echostar groove - 400+ BH, FH can go super deep. still seeing how far i can drive it, but initially it was 600+ FH at elevation (originally from Boulder, CO) and now BH it's 410+ at sea level (chicago). i am a pitcher in college, so i can throw for long FH D, but it's all about hyzer with big follow through for the heliz
For big "D" I go understable and hyzer flip it for a nice (sometimes ;) helix aka:"S". I use my Vision, Sidewinder, Valk, and Leopard for this.
From what I've seen, as far as pros. They use the hyzer flip tech. Do they do it all the time? That I can't say. but it seems to produce the longest throws for me.
Snapper Pierson says "For distance, throw overtable turned over or understable with hyzer"
Since I don't have a big (fast) arm, To get the "S" I use my most overstable disc and anhizer it RHBH thrown as hard and fast as I can snap it. It wil launch right and trim out flat then into a hyzer fade. I have made some beautiful shots in this manner.
It looks great when it trims the edge of the fairway on the right, then back left around the trees in the middle and back across the fairway behind them to land within birdie range. Wish I could do it every time, lol.
Depends on the disc and shot, but I'll do them all when necessary.

Dr. Alan Adler explains it well...
is this PDGA legal?
Yes and it's great for thumbers, other than that it is generally considered a P.O.S. The "aerodynamically adjustable" part was stolen directly from Destiny Discs now illegal Bullet, as seen here from 1983.

Interesting advice so far. For a BIG "s" curve shot all you have to do is put a good bit of arm speed and snap on an understale disc. My Groove and 2nd Run Nuke do a gentle S Curve and my Sidewinder and Avenger SS (ASS) do a big S CURVE.

I have never understood the concept of anny on an overstable disc. Seems like a waste of arm strength. Just throw understable or stable. I have some big arm throwers at my home course, including myself, that can all pull 385-420 or farthr and NOONE does the overstable disc with anny. Why would you? If you have a really big arm then get a max weight Katana, Groove, or 2nd Run Nuke and go to town. The only time I do a big anny on an overstable disc is in a tailwind.

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