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lotto is right, i saw nate doss throwing one of these at worlds last august!
This probably the future of distance drivers. Perfecting the "groove" of the wider rim discs for different flight characteristics. Who knows. Who cares who came out first or if Discraft was "testing" these a long time ago..

"Drive for show ...Putt for dough". I hear it all the time.
when are they being released? i want one.
I'm guessing Hero already has one or more....or...he just dyed the prototype Discraft logo on a Groove to get us all antsy in our pantsy lol!

Lotto said:
when are they being released? i want one.
send me one.
possible. i mean i made up the nate doss story, so who's to say he didn't make up this one? haha

Mike said:
I'm guessing Hero already has one or more....or...he just dyed the prototype Discraft logo on a Groove to get us all antsy in our pantsy lol!

Lotto said:
when are they being released? i want one.
Ric Roc said:
When you really think about Discraft lovers/haters or Innova lovers/haters both are ignorant unless they are sponsored players. Both companies have quality products and it shows when different players are winning major tournaments. Feldberg winning worlds yet Doss winning US champs or whoever. Nikko Locastro just won The Memorial and he uses gateway,innova, and discraft so STOP THE HATING. Maybe when you get good enough you can get paid to throw only one companies product, much like my_hero does....

I totally agree. We all LOVE a sport that's fighting for legitimacy; there's no room for hate. Some of my best buds are innova peeps, some of my best buds are discraft peeps, but all of my best buds love this sport. I also agree with the statement that said if you're not sponsored by one company then why limit yourself to one company?

I played with a guy from Austin a few weeks ago on an incredible windy day (40mph). Everything he threw turned over. He complained the entire round about his Max, Firebird, and Xcaliburs being worthless in the wind....that innova didn't make anything stable enough for him when the wind was blowing like that. Meanwhile, Miles Seaborn and myself were having trouble with our Preds and Xtremes becoming too overstable. The Austinite said (a few times) "What was that?" We'd answer and said "you ought to try one." He'd then reply with "...but then that would mean i'd have a discraft disc in my bag."

WTF? You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. It was fun watching that horse die of dehydration that day. :-)

How many times has it been said that it's the indian not the arrow? I know a few people, Climo included, that could beat most of us with a trash can lid. Seriously.

....and for the record, i'm not that good anymore. There's no time for practice with a young family(two kids 5y/o or younger) and a M-F 9-5 day gig. In fact, i haven't played a single round without paying an entry fee in over 3 years! I knew it was over when i traded my frisbee trophy room in for a pink crib, purple painted walls, and few tiaras.
huh... interesting...
if thats not a reason to never have kids.....i dont know what is.
wouldnt doubt it...speed rating of 14? Im so glad discraft hasnt went to putting arbitrary speed rating numbers. Nice silk screen work on this groove though.
The above disc is not an innova groove. It's actually an older mold constantly being tweaked. Discraft wont release it until they are happy with it. They learned from the mid range disc called the Torque.....great disc when it ran correctly......now it's no longer available from Discraft but can be purchased as the DGA Shockwave.
i had a shockwave once because i thought it was going to be overstable like the torque, but it was more like a meteor, very flippy.

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