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Am I the only one who has come across a pedstrian, dog walker, etc. on a dsic golf course at the exact moment in time when they realize the funnyy looking metal contraption (Disc Basket) is used for some sort of frisbee related sport?

Two of the more interesting things overheard or seen were as follows:

Older man to wife while walking dog... it must be a feed basket for the deer in the area.

Best one was when I saw an asian family using a basket as a BBQ with foil layed down across the bottom.

Any other good ones out there?

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If you ever go to where it all started for me, the Fircrest Park, you can still see the white pole sticking out of the ground painted red at the top with the pin number. It was back in 1977 when I first began to play, it was wish a Wham-O disc and it was only 9 holes. The course remains today, minus the 1st hole, what took us a few throws now could easily be an ace or birdie, its funny to see people today trying to figure out what they are, I've seen some throw horse shoes at them. Maybe I'll have to go back there and play a round for old time sakes and curiosity, to go back where it all started for me over 30 years ago, I even have the discs used back then.
I seen a family use it as a crib for their baby
We were playing a scramble this summer and as we crossed a street in the park where we play a van pulled up to the curb and an older couple asked what we were doing. They had been watching people walking all around the park throwing discs and wondered what was going on. We explained the game to them, gave them some literature about the club and turned it into a great opportunity to educate the public about disc golf. It was particularly good because our scramble is very family oriented and we had a wide range of ages with us that night.
I get people asking me what I'm doing so often that I bought a bunch of dx aviars to give to kids that are inerested. Its an easy way to get kids into it and gives them something to do that keeps them out of trouble. Try it! I had two highscool kids that always sat on hole 11 at my local park. They finall� asked me what I was doing, so I explained the game and pulled a putter out of my bag and threw it to them. The next day they were playing through the course alternating shots. Then a week later I saw them again and they informed me that they "spent there beer money on frisbees".
I talk to "civilians" all the time. It is one of my favorite parts of this sport! I've encouraged church members, crews from the local fire house and local park goers to check out our sport and give it a try. The Church group ended up adopting our sport and now run a local food drive tourney every couple of months. I see the fire guys out there all the time - "getting in some excercise"! People are interested in what we are doing, but just need a little explanation and encouragement.

I too have seen the BBQ Basket on occasion. The best time was during a tourney in Berkeley CA, when my group came ove a small rise and encountered a mexican familiy cooking up some chicken (quite a sophisticated operation with tin foil for the coals and hooks for hanging the Chicken In The Chains). I tried to explain the situation to them (sporting apparatus, tourney in progress etc etc) in my limited espanol, and they were courteaous enough to move somewhere else, but we couldn't use that hole that day/round - too hot and greasy!!!

Good times...LOL
I too have had people pick up my disc and try and throw it back at me... haven't run into the "south of the border" family cooking on one though... even though I'm so close to the border and of "south of the border" dencent.... (and if you wondering NO I did not get offended, actually thought it was pretty funny)

Bird feeder questions, yes... strange looks when I'm up at the teepad, yes! Then they see you CRUSH a shot and it's "WHOOOO!!! How'd you do that?!?" (love that)

I've seen two guys with the .99 cent Walmart frisbees trying to play... that was horrible! Talked to them about where to buy discs and now I see them alot... bags and all!

OH and I tell someone, "I play disc/ frisbee golf" and they ask "So you hit the frisbee with the golf club?"... That's a classic!
I own a practace basket. A few days ago i was in my front yard throwing some putts. A little old lady that i had seen drive by atleast 5 times in 30 min. finaly stoped and asked what i was doing. I explained what i was doing and about the sport. She even got up the courage to get out of her car and give it a try. First throw she sunk a 20' putt. She now waves and smiles when she sees me outside putting.
I don't have anything better than a vietnamese grill, but I do agree with you... I have never walked across a game of anything, but some people act like we are just standing on a concrete slab and looking at the metal thing they are standing next to, just because we are weird or something. I don't know. But even before I played disc golf, I knew what it was. I really wonder how some of these people get through life the way they do.
I've got two stories:

The first story seems to happen a lot at Riverside Park in GR, MI. You will see these old fisherman using the basket as place to put tackle boxes and fishing rods. The bigger mystery about that is why are these people fishing in the Grand River? It's defiantly full of poop.

The second story is pretty funny. I stumbled upon a middle age couple that decided that the middle of the fare way would be a good place to have a picnic. They had the whole nine yards for their setup, blanket, basket of food, and even a bottle of bubbly. I felt bad ruining their romantic evening, but someone had to warn these people. I calmly approached them and explained the situation. They were good sports about, since they have never heard of the sport before. I apologized for interrupting their lovely afternoon, but it is better to hear it from me than catching a driver in the face.
at redhawk park in tulsa we have had horsemen tie their horses off as a hitching post.

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