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I've been playing at my local nine hole course of about 7 to 8 years now and play there every few days.

I seen a lot of vandalism and some people out there that just act like complete idiots ,I don't ever say much but if i do I'm always polite and thoughtful to others .

Today was not a good day i witnessed some one disc casuals Throwing thrash on the ground i said all well i pick it up when i get to that hole .

A few holes later There were flipping soccer goals and what set me off when the tipped a thrash can and rolled it while yelling cuss words  leaving thrash all over and all while park members that our non disc golfers watching  .

I walked up to them and asked them pick it up ,the guy started cussing at me and told me to mind my own business and go on playing my game .

At this point I'm getting mad but i keep my cool and stay polite ,i started to walk away and he made a comment about my father and called my a fag after that i lost my cool and i became a sailor mind you no other park member  heard me but i felt i handled it badly and i walked away .

I'm just sick of people who have no respect  for the park our others using it .

sorry i just needed to vent

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I am sorry this happen to you, I know if those same things had happened with me things may not have ended so smoothly. Just remember when things of this nature happen it shows that you are a much better person for having the sense to let it go and walk. These ding dongs have no respect for the park , a course, and I assume other humans that love it.
With age comes patience......take a deep breath and then call the cops. That's why the get paid the big bucks! In this day and age, there are to many people willing to take a life (maybe yours). I don't know why people are afraid to call them. That's there job...and they are good people.
that sucks,i'm so glad that we have such a tight knit club and usually run that kind scum off the course without further incident.
It's not that they are afraid to call them...but a lot of people have lost trust in the police in general. My car has been broken into 4 times in 2 months and I live in one of the nicest neighborhoods in my town. Nothing...not saying I have lost faith but I know other people who just don't call the police because the times they have absolutely nothing comes from it. We had a guys pulling doughnuts on the course and I immediately confronted him yelling across the park while making my way over to him. He bowed up at me and wanted some. With age comes patience....cause I called the cops instead of getting into it for NO REASON. I actually got a cop who cared this time...the guy ran into the woods and the cop sat there for 2 hrs...when we finished our round the cop had given up and was leaving...2 mins later the guy popped out so I called the station again...cop was waiting for him at his house when he got home. THis is definitely the way to approach it...not worth you blood pressure or effort to get into it with people who just don't care....cause you can't get them to...they never will and all that will come of it is you getting p'ed for no reason. And not all cops are good people. Not to get into that conversation...but I am surprised by why people don't understand why others don't trust the police. We are the imprisoned nation in the world by far...no one even comes close. This could have something to do with it....Sorry to hear you had to deal with the scum on your course...call the cops...if they don't do anything...call em over and over. The problem will resolve itself. Besides stick those kids with a $500 littering ticket and I bet they don't do it ever again. Good Luck.
My course has an issue with litter and vandalism, as do most courses to some degree. Being right on Lake Wazeecha, people find it appropriate to use the picnic tables kindly supplied by the villiage to forage their discs out of the lake. I guess I wouldn't mind this practice so much if they were kind enough to pull the table back out of the water when they were done. But alas, it seems every time I get out there, there's another picnic table waist deep in the lake. I took the liberty of writing up a strongly-worded letter regarding this and other stupidity and hung it on the bulletin board at Hole #1(I'm pretty sure I posted it on this site, too, if you want to read it). Knowing well the kind of people who would be reading it, I made sure to print many copies so that I could replace it when they tore it down (and of course, they did). Once they realized I had more copies than they were willing to tear down, they just started writing profanity on them. You know, mature things like telling me to "eff" myself and calling me a "conservative f*ck". Real winners, these folks.

I guess my point is that doing what you feel is appropriate to handle the issue is just about all you can do. For me, just making my thoughts known was enough for me, but I have to admit that calling the fuzz is becoming a more appealing idea every day. Perhaps you could try and make the course a "pay-toplay" venue? I know not everyone is nuts about the idea of "pay-to-play", but I've found it tends to keep some of the "riff-raff" at bay...
True not all Police are good people, but some times the job does that to good people as well. I've seen it happen over and over again. Were people are given some nice options, but choose to be a$$-----. I'm also not saying to call the police every time. After all they do have their plates full with budget cuts and layoffs, they are spread pretty thin these days.
Do you guys have 311? It's pretty handy as well.
That is a big problem for me also. When I see punks damage a course or throw garabage everywhere. Personally I think you handled that pretty good because I would have put him in that trash can and rolled him around. Sometimes you have to let it come back to them.
At one point he said him and his to other freinds were going to kick my ass ,i took a step forward about 4 inches from his face and said go ahead .
I was pissed after that he started to insult my tattoos and i thought to myself this is just dumb and thats when i walked away
yeah i figure by july most of the casual wont play anymore because it's to hot but putting up with it is hard karma will come around it always does .
Yes the pay-to-play courses almost always have less crime and vandelism. The riff-raff that is just hanging out never wants to pay to just hang-out.
They are unbelievably ridiculous. lol
Man, at the age of 8 I was done with needing to do that stuff and felt badly for it, lol.

That's cool you confronted them. That is absolutely time for the police.

That sort of thing has happened to me too.
A camera in your bag for gratefull dg shots/moments will capture the vandilism and license plates of people/ cars involved.Proof of said can then be shown to police-evidence.A criminal offense in most county parks,plus you stay out of harms way.

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