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So I was out at Coldbrook yesterday evening just practicing drives in the field by the pavilion.  There were a few obnoxious groups that walked by, but I simply minded my own business.  A few minutes later once I had the area back to myself, a young girl came running over to me (about middle school age), crying, saying her bag had been stolen by a group of guys.  My gut instinct was that it was the group of straight billed wannabe gangsters that had just left.  I immediately began to walk over to their car as they had just gotten in.  But when I shouted to them they peeled out of there.  Of course it was too far away for me to see a license plate or even be sure on the make and model of the car.  So, for everyone who plays out there, watch out for any thieves, and lock your car doors.  It is a pretty sad thing that there are people out there in the world who have the nerve to steal and bully young girls, I don't think it could get much lower then that.  Of course I didn't pay too much attention to the guys who were most suspicous, but I did get a good look at one of them- he looked very much like Espen Mokkelgjerd from Norway (if there just so happens to be anyone on here who has seen him before and plays at CB), minus the fact that he could throw a real shot.   I did hook the girl up with all new discs, and hopefully I will have recruited a future world champion. So, bottom line, golfers beware. 

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slimeballs I hope karma bites them in the @$$
Thats awful, We deal with a lot of that in LAnsing also.
was it these guys?

nope- not them. The group in question were all wearing a straight billed hats. For heavens sake- BEND THE BILL
Did you report this to the person working the front gate? I would think the park workers would want to know about this sort of thing and let the cops know if there is an increase in theft in the park. You have to let someone in charge know about this or nothing will be done. Maybe the cops would increase patrols through the parking lot, but if they don't know about it, they can't do anything about it. Reporting the crime is necessary to try to stop future crime.
Where were this girl's parents if she was of midde school age? Why weren't they involved in this? Why did she come crying to you instead of them? I'm wondering why someone her age was out on the course alone? Did she have any friends she was playing with? Could they give any info on who robbed her? If she was that young, she obviously couldn't have driven herself out there, so there must have been somebody responsible for her. Did that person/persons know about this? Did they contact the authorities?
That sucks. Sometimes people just suck! Like it says, hopefully Kharma comes to them quickly!
Yeah, thats pretty crappy. Feel bad for that poor girl. I have sometimes worried about someone walking along and taking my bag when we out in the thicket looking for a disc and I had left it sitting on the edge of the fairway because it was hard to climb through the thick brush with my bag on. Looks like I won't ever do that again.
Hope those jerks get what they deserve.
There was no one at the gate
The girl was there with a boy who was about her age. The two of them rode their bikes to the course. She came up to me probably because I was the only adult around. She had no way of calling her parents because her phone was in her bag, along with her keys so she could not unlock her bike. I let her use my phone to call her mom. As far as info on the guys, there wasn't much to give. The two of them had left their bags somewhere near the tee, and they were in the swamp trying to fish out a disc. I waited with them until the mom showed up. She brought some cutters to cut the chain open so they could retrieve their bikes.
It is definitely time to clean out my car and get out all of the discs that are just hanging out in my back seat. I am in a strange way glad I didn't catch up to those guys because who knows what could have happened. There were five of them and one of me- and no one else out there. People are crazy.
Mabey they will die in a car wreck while speeding off next time.
Or mabey that girl will have mace and a handgun next time.

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