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I am interested in what other disc golfers think about or do when not playing disc golf. The objective is to find others that have similar interests in addition to playing in disc golf. For example, if I found out that someone else liked disc golf, ham radio and chess - I may want to exchange Ideas with that person or maybe even play disc golf with that person ! I have other interests - collecting stamps / post cards, video, photography, writing, computer programming, areodynamics / physics of discs, sports psychology, economics and electronics . So are there any hits out there - that is, people who are interested in many of the above items. Send in your "lists" to this discussion and see if there are matches.

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hey now,BWAAHAHA!! Chest of Drawers and Treasure Chests,nothing like the thrill of finding REAL treasue and the fine,craftsmanship of an older piece of fine,natural material.

Chuck Kennedy said:
If you look at my first post, I said nothing about ogling, just the word "chests." It was everyone else that jumped to that conclusion. Actually, I'm into steamer chests, treasure chests and chests of drawers. OK, I can't really say that with a straight face.

Interestingly all chests being described might also involve polished wood... but I digress ;-) The best ogling around here seems to be courses near college campuses in springtime. Our Riverside course across the river from St. Cloud State always brings out the sun bathers who lay in some of the most distracting places. I'm guessing others on here have had that experience near or on campus courses?
One of my favorite disc golf experiences was the first time I played at Winthrop, where they have the USDGCs. I teed off of hole 9, which is right by the lake. As I walked down the fairway, I could start seeing over the hill a little and down towards the shore. Lo and behold, a sight that brought almost as much joy as if my disc would have been resting in the chains. There on the grassy fairway lie three beatiful coeds warming their skin wearing the smallest articles of clothing they could find. This has got to be the greatest course ever, I thought. They were also very kind and didn't mind me throwing right over them. Sadly, I threw a great approach shot and was quickly on my way. I'll never forget it and I hope it happens again the next time I play there.

Ken Long said:
I think so far outside the basket (sometimes) that other disc golfers (in my group) need to holler at me to let me know that it's my turn to throw. I think it's because I'm having senior moments. As for the ogling part..there are not alot of female disc golfers on the courses to ogle at. So...I have to be in other places to do the ogling. I think I am having an ogling drought. Winter is a bad time in Michigan for ogling on the disc golf course.
Someone needs to start a discussion on where are the best disc golf courses to ogle female disc golfers. Or what disc golf courses do women go to to play disc golf. You know...I see alot of women joining DGRus, but I do not see alot of them contributing to discussions. Like this one for example. (c;
Anyway...I don't think the originator of this discussion was talking about ham or chests, but ham radio's and chess. But ham and chests DID sound more interesting. Thanks Chuck.
It's snowing snowing, sowing here where I live and I am tired from all the snow removal. But...I did do my putting today.
I'll take you on in TT dude. That game kicks axx. I've been using pips out to mess with everybody at the club who uses smooth spinny rubber

Sappydisc said:
Definately playing table tennis,we have one inside and I ask fellow discers if they play once I get to know them and they seem pretty cool,I give them the table tennis invite.

My main 'deal' before disc golf came along was motocross. I've been riding & racing dirt bikes for over 25 years. Many times I have had a bad day of disc golf & gone on the next day & raced my bike & take it out on my competitors ("at least I'm good at something" I'd say to myself). Other interests: Pool, Table tennis, Bowling, pinball, video & photography, skim boarding, skateboarding, art & graphic design, ogling etc.
Here is what I really think about. My wife and I recently took a Florida vacation. We snapped over 650 vids and pix. While she wasnt looking, I snapped one of the attached pix.
I play bass guitar, and I love live music. I enjoy watching movies and playing board games. Any sport or cartoon on tv is worth it for me !
jim said:
joe said:
Here is what I really think about. My wife and I recently took a Florida vacation. We snapped over 650 vids and pix. While she wasnt looking, I snapped one of the attached pix.

is that your wife in the pic?
no. BTW I am real happy to read all the responses. Being new here, I am spending a lot of time surfing around the site; there is a lot of good stuff here !
I got to Baker College On-Line... trying to study Java when I can pry myself away from the TV. Other than Disc Golf - I like mountain biking, skiing, international travel, sushi, Texas Hold' Em poker, watching TV on DVD, and collecting vintage Star Wars trading cards. I'm a big fan of the Detroit Lions and the Detroit Red Wings. I play scrabble on-line as "BLAG" on www.isc.ro (Internet Scrabble Club) with a rating of around 1400. My favorite current TV shows are Dexter, Battlestar Galactica, and The Shield. My favorite band is NOFX, and I go to a lot of concerts (especially at The Magic Stick, Alvins, and The Shelter - although my most recent was AC-DC at The Palace).
Other than disc golf, I like to go fishing (saltwater and flyfishing), Surfing, Pool, Rc cars, Collecting gi joe stuff, Archery, Cars, ( british cars mainly) and video games
Before disc golf ( my new life ) just kidding ! I also like to mountain bike ,sport shooting ,Hike,photography,In my younger days Caving was my favorite,don't know if I could still squeeze through,also like to fish and canoe,wow dont know when I have time to work !
I've avoided that because I just know it will agitate me no end.

Did I mention that I have a collection of about 100 slide rules?

mr ed said:
hey now,Terry have you read this,if not try to score a copy."Blackwater"by Jeremy Scahill."the rise of the world's most powerful mercenary army" Scary read in today's world upheavel in Iraq.Terry "the Pirate" Calhoun said:
I read. I've averaged a novel a day since I was 7 years old. I read science fiction or mythology as first choice, then suspense/mystery, then anything at all. Just have to read a lot.
Yeah, you wouldn't understand seeing that you have to put air in yours before you can have fun!!!!! lol

Kristifer Randall said:
Robby said:
Other than disc golf, I like to go fishing (saltwater and flyfishing), Surfing, Pool, Rc cars, Collecting gi joe stuff, Archery, Cars, ( british cars mainly) and video games

You forgot doing everything your girlfriends says on your list Throbby. LOL

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