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So I have been contemplating being a pro at this day and age in the PDGA era, and I have come to some conclusions. 


1. We make absolutly no money to support ourselves as the pro payouts are generally terrible. 

2. Unless you tour to hit the 'big' events, don't quit your day job. 


Why is this? Why is ball golf supporting so many pros and disc golf is not? I have heard the no corporate sponsors bit and agree, but why is this sport so cheap for pros? 

What do you think about making the sport cheap for ams and casuals but somehow upping the ante for professionals. Start pay to play at some of the better courses and increasing entry fees substantially at tournaments. If you want to pay 40 bucks to play a tourney, play am, have fun goofing around and make open pro more serious. 


What does everyone think?

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At this point it looks like coverage and the popularity of our great sport will come from the college ranks. Over the last 4 years the college nationals have grown from 6 teams to just over 40 competing. While not recognized by the NCAA, colleges are pushing to have the sport brought out of intramural status and be considered. It is also possible for a student athlete to attain All-American status through disc golf. Hell....Climo is even a professor, teaching the sport up in Oregon.


If ESPN U throws some coverage their way, the sport might be primed for real growth and then what?

That will still be amateur not pro growth since these collegians definitely can't earn money to retain eligibility. If ESPN U covers it, it will only be because thousands of students come out to watch the college players. It will be interesting to see if that happens.

There is some discussion on the PDGA Forums site in regards to Collegiate disc golf. I wonder if the PDGA is anticipating the spinoff that might occur, and if they are putting any energy toward helping its grow or garnering sponsorship interest. The hard part is that the PDGA isn't really in charge of getting sponsorship for the pro events, that is up to the individual events cordinators. Although they could have a sponsorship for the National Tour. NASCAR has sprint as the title sponsor for the tour, but each individual event has its own sponsor, like the Pepsi 400.

Pete May and the NCDGU are the ones handling collegiate development. There are some potential PDGA initiatives in this direction but that will depend on priorities. There's no PDGA Marketing Director at the moment seeking sponsorship.

I can see why one would get frustrated and say screw it and just go play for their own enjoyment.


The NCDGU looks like they've got their crap together, must be money in it. Although a lot of the teams are having to fund raise to get to out of state events.


I guess I am going to just see where I fit in with helping promote my local club and see what goes on from there. Not sure what else to do at this point unless you have a direction Chuck.

I think you'll see some nice developments from the PDGA but they will be later this year rather than earlier. They are swamped being shorthanded and trying to add/replace people at HQ. Once staffing issues have settled down, they are poised to really move forward with the Board helping move them forward. Regardless of national initiatives, it's the local efforts as always that will make or break the success.
Very True :  " Regardless of national initiatives, it's the local efforts as always that will make or break the success.

Interesting of this hashing out and getting nowhere.

There is not a professional balance in the professional ranks right now.

Without proper investment of time energy and money, it will continue on it growth of its amateur base.

Try telling your kid to make a 'career' of disc golf playing professionally and supporting and family.

Same thing with softball and it's much, much larger than DG. If only we could attain their success as a sport. Is that not enough?

Sit back, and let me make this simple for you guys.


If there were to be ONE 30 second commercial on Television representing the sport of Disc Golf by a well known figure in the media, the sport would increase more than you could ever imagine; we all know this.  


The question is, are we even doing anything to get that far?  Do they even want to?  Has anyone even TRIED going in a different direction?  If the highest of all representatives of Disc Golf think that it's local effort that's going to finally give rise to the sport, they are wrong.  


Nobody is going to WANT to put forth effort into something they know nothing about.  Nobody is going to WANT to pay to watch Collegiate disc golf because nobody knew there was such a thing.  


What we need is representation from important people in the media.  How do we get that? Well shoot, if you expect us small-town locals to accomplish that then we might as well just give up.  We are trying.  There isn't enough of us because in the world of competitive sports, people want some recognition for there dedication.


Local efforts go a long way, but not far enough.  I don't know much about anybody that runs the PDGA, maybe they don't want to be main-stream.  All I know is that the sport right now is going nowhere but where it has been for awhile.  And I say it's GO-TIME.


We have to do something.  Somebody call up Tiger woods; a picture of him holding a golf disc would inspire thousands of people to pick up a golf disc just like Tiger does.  Bringing Tiger into the picture is a little far-fetched, but come on!  We need to head in that direction.  There has to be a Big-Time company out there that realizes the potential of Disc Golf.  If we could just get ONE big company to completely sponsor disc golf  it could mean HUGE benefits for them.


Forget about how much money the PDGA pros are making because, as of now, there isn't even much money to be made.  So lets stop with all the bull shit and actually do something about it, guys.  Where the hell is Mark Ellis, Climo? I can't reach them easily but some others surely can.  They are HUGE in the sport. Don't they want to go main-stream?  Don't they want more recognition, followers, money?  If not, just let us know now.


Right now in the USA, each and every President has failed to simply RUN the country.  Too scared of what people will think of them in the short 4 years they actually have to do anything at all.  I know this has nothing to do with disc golf, but  I'm sick of this poorly motivated recession type attitude.  Do something about it.  Our efforts alone are not enough.  I live and breath disc golf, 24/7.  I'd give everything I have to finally see the sport going somewhere but right now all of this effort and searching for something bigger is taking its toll on me.


Sorry :) for any hurt feelings.  All this snow has got me stressed. 

Sorry about  your being stressed.

It is not worth it.

As far as Tiger Woods goes, I live near Orlando, and his reputation has been altered.

Only thing Tiger is known for unfortunately is picking up **icks.

I'd rather see Michael Jordan or Tom Brady as my choices.

Have a nice day or round of disc golf.

I know both Mark & Ken and why do you think KC is NOT on this site?

Figure it out.

That media connection will mean very little in terms of increasing spectators which is the only thing that will eventually generate money for pro play. It might increase the number of people who try it. But if you look around, there's no shortage of players in one of the fastest growing sports in the world. The other problem is there aren't courses for people to play in the downtown areas of the major media markets. So even if you expose the sport to millions who haven't seen it or played it, the reason they haven't or can't is there's little if any public property left for courses in those markets. If they can't get to courses easily, then it will be out of sight, out of mind for them

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