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Alright, Thursday evenings we have a random draw doubles league. You put in your money and randomly get a partner.

Now for the past couple of weeks we have had this kid's mom show up for league. And she has been always wanting three strokes. Now this has not been my policy for a long time, to give any one player strokes. My reason is that you aren't just handicapping a single person, you are handicapping a pair of players. So if this person gets three strokes and gets paired up with the best player it is in effect giving three strokes to the best player. Also it is random draw so if you show up to play you shouldn't always expect to play with the best player there. If I get a rookie or newbie as a partner it often means that I will just have to sit back and realize that we may not win and my time may be best spent helping the newbie with understanding rules or improving their game.

Anyway, this woman is a halfway decent player. Her only problem that she has during league is probably the six pack that she consumes completely during the round. She is now getting her three strokes although I have also thought about giving less strokes if she gets paired with an A pool player and more strokes if she is paired with a B pool player. But for now she will get three strokes.

Now, the rule has also been that if two B pool players get paired up they also get three strokes for the pair. But she now doesn't want that since she thinks that only she should get strokes. And in fact this is where the problems occur. By trying to "even things out" we are actually giving an advantage to certain players. It is more of a formula being used to determine who might win or not win instead of the winning being based on good play. It is like a can of worms. And I want good play to be rewarded. So I am just going to stick with the current way of doing things and see how it works out. I don't believe that it will really have a huge effect on things. I just don't want to see people win based on who their partner is rather than their good play. I want things to be competitive but "fair". So I don't want to skew things too far in the direction of people just thinking that if they show up they deserve money. If you want to win you have to put up a score and hit good shots. And that is how it should be.

So to recap:

She gets three strokes now no matter who she gets paired with.

If two B poolers get paired together they get three strokes.

If a B pooler gets Cali then he or she gets three strokes.

I believe that is fair and reasonable. You still have to put in a good game if you want to win.

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Victim of circumstance 

like it

Been there, done that.  You start wondering whether giving up a chunk of your life is worth the hassle.

When my brother and I ran doubles, we clamped down on the latecomers.  A local church tolled its bell at 6:00, and we drew cards then.  Anyone coming up at 6:01 was out of luck.  People shaped up, and we realized they could have been punctual all along.

We didn't give strokes or handicap in any way, so I never dealt with that.  Players complaining about partners they draw is one reason I hardly ever attend anymore.


no matter what u do

whiners exist

I must say that there are too many people who feel that they are just great players and by merely showing up for doubles they should just win. They just feel like they are entitled to a win no matter what. That is lame. Also that A pooler should be either flogged with a dead fish for his behavior of banned from playing league. He has done stuff like this before.

If you are an A pooler and draw the worst player in the field as a partner then you should help them out and try to give them a few tips. Maybe it isn't your week to win. But that doesn't mean you should just give up and quit trying. I honestly thought that guy would come in with a score around 10 under since he could probably pick up eight birdies by himself. There were quite a few short holes in play last night. But instead he showed that he is a poor sport and just quit.

Next week we will be going off on time. That BS was just too much. And in two weeks we go off fifteen minutes earlier. So they better learn how to use a watch.


One of the best things we ever did was go to a points system.  We still did all the regular stuff (payout, ace pool), but we awarded points for showing up, placing, and how many strokes under par a team was (on an easy-under-par course).  Top 8 points winners make a championship.  This gave people incentive to keep playing, even if they felt they couldn't cash, and to try hard on every hole.  And real incentive to show up as many weeks as possible.

Random draw doubles is a sucker game for the benefit of the top players.  Quit trying to even things out.  That defeats the purpose of the format.

Random doubles is for people who want to win money playing disc golf, but without all of the annoying rules and etiquette expected in sanctioned events and monthlies.

Random draw should be just that and no strokes. If you get a bad partner then it's time to run aces and CTPs, but have fun throwing no matter what. But I do understand letting her throw from a shorter placement if available.

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