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Alright, Thursday evenings we have a random draw doubles league. You put in your money and randomly get a partner.

Now for the past couple of weeks we have had this kid's mom show up for league. And she has been always wanting three strokes. Now this has not been my policy for a long time, to give any one player strokes. My reason is that you aren't just handicapping a single person, you are handicapping a pair of players. So if this person gets three strokes and gets paired up with the best player it is in effect giving three strokes to the best player. Also it is random draw so if you show up to play you shouldn't always expect to play with the best player there. If I get a rookie or newbie as a partner it often means that I will just have to sit back and realize that we may not win and my time may be best spent helping the newbie with understanding rules or improving their game.

Anyway, this woman is a halfway decent player. Her only problem that she has during league is probably the six pack that she consumes completely during the round. She is now getting her three strokes although I have also thought about giving less strokes if she gets paired with an A pool player and more strokes if she is paired with a B pool player. But for now she will get three strokes.

Now, the rule has also been that if two B pool players get paired up they also get three strokes for the pair. But she now doesn't want that since she thinks that only she should get strokes. And in fact this is where the problems occur. By trying to "even things out" we are actually giving an advantage to certain players. It is more of a formula being used to determine who might win or not win instead of the winning being based on good play. It is like a can of worms. And I want good play to be rewarded. So I am just going to stick with the current way of doing things and see how it works out. I don't believe that it will really have a huge effect on things. I just don't want to see people win based on who their partner is rather than their good play. I want things to be competitive but "fair". So I don't want to skew things too far in the direction of people just thinking that if they show up they deserve money. If you want to win you have to put up a score and hit good shots. And that is how it should be.

So to recap:

She gets three strokes now no matter who she gets paired with.

If two B poolers get paired together they get three strokes.

If a B pooler gets Cali then he or she gets three strokes.

I believe that is fair and reasonable. You still have to put in a good game if you want to win.

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We have a 75 year old player, to make it fair for him (and his partner)we let him play shorter shots.

In our mini trnys in OKC we give no strokes it is what it is. But what I think in your case is to give strokes for 2 or 3 games then start subtracting strokes like down to 2 then 1 after playing some it seems only fair. my friends and I play random all the time for $1 a head and we give newbies 1 to 3 strokes but after playing a few times we reduce it. Good Luck and have fun.

I agree with Steve. Don't give her strokes, give her shorter holes.

the point of random dubs is that the playing field is as even as it can possibly be. leave the handicapping to the handicapped league.

and if she doesn't really like that, well then the problem will solve itself.

I agree with Ron.

Trying to make "Stips" during Random Draw will eventually

bite you in the ass. My wife has played in our local club and other

clubs. When she first started, there were stips. Then other people

started complaining, and they wanted stips. It is a snowball effect.

Now, the only stip is when playing long pads, she and any girl throws

from the shorts.

Random Draw Doubles, is just that "Random" you may get a poor player,

or you may get a Pro. It is what it is. If there are any problems, you

could kindly point them to a handicap league. A handicap league is the

best way a new player can compete against a Pro.


Wow, I didn't expect everyone here to support the position of "no strokes given". I have to agree that once you start giving strokes it can be a slippery slope. Also random draw doubles is what it is, you pay your money and you take your chances.

Unfortunately I try to get consensus on things at times and there were quite a few folks who voted for giving her strokes. We don't really have any short tees for her to throw from either, only one tee per hole.

Thanks to all for your input. Sometimes I stick to my guns and people get angry with me. But I have learned that you can't please everyone. Next year I will be more than happy to step aside and let others run things. Then someone else can take the crap. Why do so many people love to complain these days. Everyone wants something for nothing.

Only eight more weeks of league anyway.

I'll join with the rest in saying, no special rules.  That slope is particularly slippery. 

Around here random draw doubles are just that---you take what you get.  No pools.  No shaving strokes.  We have a slightly more generous Cali rule than other places, but that's it. 

Is there a six pack clause in your rules?

And your rules only apply on certain days of the week?

Too much is too much. Random Draw is Random Draw.

I've played where there are A and separate B groups. I've also played where the As draw a B player so your paired evenly. As far as strokes go I've never played where strokes were given.   Are there enough women who show up to do a seperate women's division or maybe a shorter pad she can throw from? 

More drama last night. In an effort to address her concerns I decided to give two strokes to her if paired with an A pool caliber player and three strokes if paired with a B pool caliber player. Thought that was completely fair. She got paired up with an A pool caliber player who immediately complained that he wouldn't get three strokes.

Played the round and after we finished I found out that her partner came up with a fake "emergency" only a few holes in and quit. She was pissed off but did pick up a B pooler to finish off the round with and from then on they got three strokes. Then she went into a rant about how her knees are "bone on bone" and she needs surgery and is a veteran (all while pounding down yet one more beer). She isn't a bad person but the alcohol is definitely getting in the way of clear thinking.

I give up and next week she will get four strokes with a B pooler and three strokes with an A pooler. The guy who walked off has shown bad behavior like that before. It's not the first time. Maybe we should just ban people from playing league if they just walk off in the middle of a round. Poor behavior for sure and shows that he is not a good competitor. Next year someone else can deal with the BS. I tried to start league at 5:30 last night yet people were still paying in after that and when I asked them to "bring it in" so that we could count people and dole out cards there were a couple people practicing putting. It's like dealing with small children except that even kids would behave better than that. Our group finally teed off at almost 6:00. We will see what happens next week. Maybe I won't show up.

Add three strokes to the A pooler, for foul whining.

The A pool player should be able to carry the newby regardless.

Some here call it Random Victim !


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