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When im out playing and the course isnt busy I sometimes like to throw a second throw for practice (while still playing the first). For me, my second throw from the tee box is ALWAYS shanked and my second putt ALWAYS go in.

Does this happen to anyone else? or does anyone have a trend of their own?

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when im out by myself i throw two disk my second is usally better but i play off both shots good or bad but i find it funny to cuz more often then not my second putt makes usally makes it. when it real nice out ill bring my third putter and play 3 of 4 drives playing off of all of them. the more practice the better
I usually play two discs when I'm out alone, I keep the scoring separate so I can track how the individual rounds went. Usually there's not much stroke difference in the two. I'll get hot with 1st disc in a portion of the course then with the 2nd disc in a different portion, my putting is always streaky, so it tends to even out.
Usually my second drive is better, especially if my first one was a shank, mis-read wind, or a tree situation. I adjust my shot and think about my form. Sometimes I'll completely change my shot type because my forehand and backhand are roughly equal. My putting is either on or its not, sometimes I can figure out what is screwing me up with second putts, they usually go in, too bad they don't count. Thowing extras on a course is my favorite way to practice, sometimes I'll throw from a bad lie just to practice uncomfortable putts and upshots. I find that kind of practice helps me when I play an actual round because I will almost always screw up a drive at some point and find myself in trouble.
The problem with this is if you "learn" that the first putt doesn't go in, then when you need to make that first putt it aint going in. Better to simply make that first putt. If you always miss that first putt that is not good. On the other hand, I do sometimes take a second in a casual round. With putting in particular I think that it's better to just think about what you did wrong (e.g. didn't follow through) and correct the next time.

There is a guy at our course who throws a lot of second shots and so we have actually named the practice after him. A fellow discer said, "I'm going to throw a *Name here*" the other day and I knew exactly what he was talking about. Now you don't want to be that guy. You also don't want to do it in league if it bothers the other players. Moderation and knowing when to do it is a good thing.
I do this all the time. I will usually play both all the way through and sometimes I will play two seperate rounds keeping track of both.

My son and I will do this sometimes, we start the round by saying if we will play first throw, or best throw.

I also do not have course backup. I never do this with people behind me. I am on my way to throw right now, (11am local) and I doubt there will be anyone there.
In don't understand how you guys do that. Wouldn't that kind of be like playing chess against yourself?
I agree here. When you say "learn" it's true because your mind thinks, subconciously, that you have a second shot and the first isn't as important as it should be. I used to think about this too. I would mentally tell myself that I already missed my first, so when I actually putt I am more relaxed like the self indeuced pressure is relieved. That way I can avoid the bad habit of taking a second shot.
SECOND SHOTS ARE BAD PRACTICE!! Don't do it because it won't help. If you want to throw two discs right in a row go to a field and work on your form. If you do throw a second shot, make sure you are with your friends. That way you can make dollar bets on what it will do. I mean if you know where your second is going, might as well make money doing that.
Once in a while it's no big deal. However, if you do it all of the time then it is not a good thing and probably counter productive.
I definitely do the same thing myself. I'll use second shots when I'm learning a new course or I'm trying to get out of a funk. Driving is my Achille's heel. My mid to short game is pretty solid, but honestly that's because I was forced to develop it because my driving is inaccurate.

The only thing I'd advise against using the second shot all the time. Practicing getting out of a tough spot is equally as important as everything else.
that's the best part\
I'm the same way, I like doing this for the sake of efficient practice; I usually get the same results with my pseudo 2nd game and score like Chris says.

Also, I used to play chess against myself a lot when I was a kid learning how to play; it seemed to help me see my own mistakes and way of thinking more clearly. I think it helps with immediate analyzation and feedback for quick adjustment and understanding.

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