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I am sure this has been gone over before, but I am wondering if more muscle equates to longer distances.  I have seen some scrawny guys who can just bomb, and some more muscular guys who get out driven by them.  I am not in either category, although I noticed that when I gained weight (not from muscle), I was able to drive farther than when I was much skinnier.

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while I have, in no way, perfected this, it's all about the snap.

mass x speed x speed = power


Muscle helps but the formula is about more than muscle.

Arm speed+ snap+form=distance.

Muscle helps arm speed.  So do elasticity and fast twitch muscles.

Being tall with long arms doesn't seem to hurt either. Also being in shape. Technique is the ultimate determinant of distance. Poor technique will not get distance.

I'm old, short and fat.. I'm fuct.

I'm old as well. I wonder how testosterone therapy would work?

It couldn't hurt ;) Muscle is nice, but if I had a choice I'd want more fast twitch muscle fibers. Form 1st, but the guys I see who can really get great "D" can generate/have great quickness/speed.

I had a friend I used to play with who's distance went down observably when he bulked up, his muscles seemed to inhibit his usual form.  Being strong helps get you over 400 feet, being muscle-bound gets you attention from shallow women!!!


Yeah, I think that you need to maintain flexibility as well. Sometimes when guys bulk up they lose that flexibility.

I have done no other excercise in the last year other than 300+ rounds of disc golf. I have lost 51 pounds and gained lots of disc golfing muscles. My legs are stronger, I have tight abs, my arms are toned, my neck is vainy, and my lower back is stronger than its ever been. I'm 6'2" and now weigh 241lbs. I have been able to get my drives out to 425+ with only the hint of have good form. Then the other day I had a break through in loading the disc up and really feeling the the disc snapping out on release. I haven't tried to see how far I'm throwing now because I'm having fun perfecting lines that I haven't been able to throw previously. I would say that I am now able to throw as far as before but with much less effort.


That said, i would surmise that having the muscle groups I mentioned be toned and then learning good technique might be the optimal method to gaining more distance. I'm not an expert, I just stayed at a Holiday Inn last night.

I am still new to the sport, but am learning loads thanks to everyone here. One of the comments I read about wrist snap, made me focus on it totally today. And, I easily added 50 plus feet to my drives...just by focusing on cocking and snapping my wrist...thanks, everybody!

Well if you look at all the world champions in the past decade or so, have any of them really been built like a Greek Olympian?  I'm not bulky, but I've watched a skinnier person than me bomb a sidearm drive 400 feet.  I think it's more technique and disc selection. (He used either a Vulcan or an Archon) I find that when I try to use too much arm it tends to turn everything over.  The best, smoothest shots I have are just focusing on a quick and precise body twist more than anything.  If you want to build muscle that helps I'd say focus on abs and core the most.

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