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I know this is a somewhat controversial subject on which school of thought may be better. Disc golf is about what is correct for a person or what feels good and there is "no right or wrong way" (within reason) as long as it is consistent and repeatable. I've read a lot of what people think on this matter from this site and others and I wanted to create a thread focused on this topic. I figure that this could be another thread to help newbies and maybe help clarify another way of looking at disc golf.

I, myself, are stuck in middle on this topic. I do see the pros and cons on each side of the argument. Sometimes I like having a disc that will do the work for me and I don't have to change my form or my release. Other times I like the thought of shaping my line with what ever disc I think that I can pull it off with. Some people say it is better to know few really well and some say to have a disc in your bag for every type of shot. Honestly, I've seen both sides in action on the course and seen results that don't seem to favor either side of the argument.

I'd like to hear more than just "pick what is good for you and stick with it."

I would just like to read about people's logic and reasoning for their type of play regardless of skill level.

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I'm currently in the process of lessening the amount of molds I'm going to carry. I've been playing for about a year now next month and have gone through the phase of "trying everything." I'd like to see what mold minimalization will do for me. I've also decided to buy a lot more X/Pro and DX/D plastics.
My bag has 16 discs, but only 6 molds. 3 drivers, 2 mids, and 1 putter/approach. It allows me to know the flight characteristics of the disc, and have backups (at varying degrees of wear). It works for me at this point of my playing abilities (which isn't saying much, but I do enjoy the game).
DX flies well but be prepared to buy a few extras because they get dinged up fast and don't last very long. I still have to have that DX TeeBird in my bag for those tailwind or super anny shots. The good thing is they don't cost as much.
I personal carry 3 disc

1 Innova - Star Wraith (my Everything disc)
1 Innova - Champion Wraith (water holes only)
1 Lightning - The Upshot

I've thrown my fair share of discs. I don't think that I would need a ton more disc even if i got better. I'm no pro but I'm not half bad. I know my two molds very well and can make them do a lot of different things. There have been few time i was thinking to myself oh i wish i hard blah blah disc for this shot. I think my bag would max out around 7 discs and i wouldnt even need them all every round. I would like to add a Disccraft - comet (or something that flys the same with a flatter lip if any one has any suggestions) to my bag and maybe one disc that is over or under stable like a Innova - monster.
Good Topic. I really with I could carry 8-10 disc. I normally carry around 19, and yes, there are a few very similar disc in there. At one time I was forced to carry less because I threw out my back picking up my bag. Didn't bend the knees and lifted with a big twist of my upper back. That was the wrong thing to do. I started thinking about the total weight of my back (avg. 172g x 19 disc + crap in the bag = about 12 pounds) and I was lifting this 54+ times every round. Not good. Played with 8 disc for a while, interchanging them now and then. It worked well for small courses but not on the longer ones. So I am back to the 19, I lift with my legs and sooner or later I will carry less plastic.
I usually carry 9-11 discs which accommodate almost any situation - three std. mids (over, under, neutral), two long mids (neutral, under), three std. drivers (over, under, neutral), two long drivers (over, under), and a neutral putter (one of my mids acts as an overstable putter, some of the above also fill specialty roles, e.g. roller, thumber)

While I would really like to minimize molds and do believe in the benefits of consistency it would provide, its been hard to do due to availability, budget, and desire to try new discs when they come out. I've never had a set of three in one mold but have had several sets of two.

I have no problem with pro level players carrying 20+ discs, but the dudes that carry 30+ I think might be trying to compensate for something personal ... lol
I usually throw all my discraft discs in the lake.

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