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I know this is a somewhat controversial subject on which school of thought may be better. Disc golf is about what is correct for a person or what feels good and there is "no right or wrong way" (within reason) as long as it is consistent and repeatable. I've read a lot of what people think on this matter from this site and others and I wanted to create a thread focused on this topic. I figure that this could be another thread to help newbies and maybe help clarify another way of looking at disc golf.

I, myself, are stuck in middle on this topic. I do see the pros and cons on each side of the argument. Sometimes I like having a disc that will do the work for me and I don't have to change my form or my release. Other times I like the thought of shaping my line with what ever disc I think that I can pull it off with. Some people say it is better to know few really well and some say to have a disc in your bag for every type of shot. Honestly, I've seen both sides in action on the course and seen results that don't seem to favor either side of the argument.

I'd like to hear more than just "pick what is good for you and stick with it."

I would just like to read about people's logic and reasoning for their type of play regardless of skill level.

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If you carry 8-12 disc the chances are you are going to know your ins and outs of every disc. If you carry 20+ disc you probably are carrying a couple at least you throw maybe once every 3-4 rounds.
I carry a various number of discs, but it seems I like to carry more than less. I don't mind packing around 12 discs around, its when I have a few shots on the course that I know a disc I left behind would be perfect, but for some reason I didn't throw it in the bag irritates me. Then there are days where I may have a new disc, then I purposely only play with only a few so I will be forced to use the new disc to break it in and see how its going to fly. I like the larger variety though, when I play with some others and I see one of my discs would be perfect for them, I let them throw, then after they throw their disc, I offer them a disc I would've used and let them try it out, kind of opens their eyes to another disc they might've not known about, afterall don't we all want to help each other with this game and make it more fun?!
I like to have about 10-12 discs in the bag at a time, but it's usually more like 14. I don't carry extras of anything but my putters anymore. In a tournament, I might throw a few extras in, but we don't have a whole lot of water hazards or impregnable bushes around here (and I not a big tournament player yet). I'm not a fan of having one mold that's beat into different levels of stability, as they would be difficult to replace. Different discs do different things, and it's easier to work with the flight path of the disc rather than fight it. I'm still in the try everything mode so I'll usually have a few extra kicking around too.

ESP Flash
ESP Surge
Champ Destroyer
Champ Firebird
Star Teebird
ESP Cyclone

Z Hawk
Z Buzzz
ESP Wasp
ESP Drone

FLX Challenger
2X D Magnet
I am getting to the point where I have started weeding out the discs I never throw. I know what I throw well, and that is what I am sticking with now. I am a big fan of back ups though, so I carry more than necessary. Especially in practice rounds. I loike to throw multiple shots on each hole from different places, and also multiple drives to try and find good lines. My current bag is as follows:

2 x Valkyries (both Star, but one is beat and flips nicely)
2 x SL (both Star, one is slightly more beat than the other)
1 x Champ Beast (Main driver)
1 x Star Boss (Thumbers, forehands, spike hyzers, wind)

2 x Champ Teebirds (one is as beat in as champ plastics gets, so not very much, and one is new)
1 x Champ Leopard (tight shots with a consistent slight right turn)

1 x First Run Mako (all around upshot disc w/o wind, and 200' drives)
2 x DX San Marino Roc (one slightly beat, turns nicely)
1 x Glow Roc (windy up shots)

2 x R-Pro Dart (putters, one beat and flips, one nice and new)

So hopefully this didn't bore anyone. I am just starting to figure this stuff out and it has helped my game a lot to really know what I have in my bag and exactly what they do.
One factor which influences the choice of how many different discs or molds to use is the skill level of the player. The better you are the more you can benefit from more choices. The less skilled player may be better off just throwing fewer (one?, a few?) discs and trying to learn to control them.

Most of us carry a standard bag and may add or subtract a disc or two for weird holes or conditions. Through the years I have played with and traveled with Al Schack (former World Champ). Al is a very skilled player. Al starts with an empty bag and packs it for the course and conditions he is playing that round. Starting at his trunk and his overstuffed boxes of discs, he thinks about hole #1 and picks a driver and any midranges or putters he needs, then moves to #2, etc, through the entire course.

A few hundred choices will probably not help a beginner. Hey, if you can't throw a disc flat and straight down the middle of the fairway then exactly what you are throwing may not matter much. But an experienced player has a better understanding of the flight paths of the various choices and the skill to benefit from those seemingly minor variations.
I carry 19 discs but only 15 different molds.
Star boss 167 (hard hyzer)
Dga tsunami 168 (hyzer)
2 z flicks 173 & 174 (thumber)
2 esp pulses 174 & 169 (slight hyzer)
2 pulse like proto types. 1 esp 172, 1 flx 169 (very long s shot)
X tracker 171 (short s shot)
Z wildcat 173 (long s shot)
Champ groove (long anhyzer)
Star sidewinder 175 (anhyzer)

Z drone 178 (hyzer)
Esp nebula 169 (strait / slight hyzer)
Flx buzzz (strait / slight anhyzer)
Star ontario roc 173 (anhyzer)

Esp zone 168 (short driver / hyzer approch)
soft challenger 177 ( short drives / anhyzer approch)
Flx challenger 170 (putts)
you need to have both. sometimes you need to be able to change your form on an s curve or because your trapped behind a tree and other times you need a consistant reliable release so i also see both sides but think that it is important to have elements of both.
There are a few reasons why I carry twenty discs. One is do to physical limitations. I can't throw sidearm due to some injuries I've aquired. So I have four discs that I count on for some no fade anhyzer shots. Six are dedicated to dealing with strong headwinds that I encounter at my home course. I'll just say that the trees are all angled at approx fourty five degree angle due to the wind. It's kind of funny looking on calm days lol. The rest are used depending on the course. Is it wide open? then my Wraith, Orc, and Destroyer get most of the use. If the course is tight and narrow. Then my Valkyrie, Sidewinder, and Vision get the job. If it's a combo, well they all get thrown at some point. Mind you this all goes out the window when you throw in the wind, high altitude and terrain changes. Due to this, I like the option of a multitude of discs to choose from.
One final thing. This is something I picked up in ball golf. If possible, I like to take a full complete pull through. No 3/4 or 1/2 pull throughs. So I also carry two discs that don't have much glide (Gator, Classic Roc) These are my "close in" discs. So I'm able to have a full pull through. IMO this takes the guess work of how far you need to bring your arm back. Therefore increasing the odds of getting under the basket or in it!
Oh ya, I forgot my two "I don't care if I loose them discs!" lol!!
So, that's why I like to carry so many. I know you didn't want to hear this, but having all those options. Makes me feel I'm giving myself the best chance to play a better round and that puts me at ease.
What are your 2 " don't care if I lose them discs"? Mine is an insanely beat MRV and I do mean insanely haha
I had a hard time when I carried a disc that was just used for situations where I could loose a disc. I found it easier to carry back ups of my most used discs that way I have practace with them and know exactly what they do.
One is a Champion Wraith. The other is a Star TL and sometimes I break out a Q-Sentinal (Millinnium). I use the Sentinal when I play courses with water. That way I cover all the disc catagories (drivers, fairway, and mids). If I had room in my bag I would cary it all the time. Although I am starting to like it better than my Z Drone...Wow, I can't believe I just said that.
I use to love the MRV, but the Buzz and Roc took it's place. Now I have a few Z MRV's collecting dus!
It is nice to let the disc do the work sometimes. There is one shot at our course where I can throw a Raging Inferno towards OB, let it fade around a tree and park the basket. That being said, what if you lose that certain disc and you need to make a certain shot. Good to be able to make (or try to make) all shots with all discs. Depends on the situation at hand. The more tools that you have in your head as well as your bag, the better. I personally carry 9 discs and that is where I will max out.

I had this very discussion with someone about two weeks ago at the course.

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