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I am trying to improve my thumber. I currently use a pulse and can thumb it 200 - 250. I get the corkscrew and it lands right where I want it too. Id like improve that to like 350. I was thinking either the firebird or the x-cal for more distance. I get about the same distance from the tee-rex and predator.

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I thumber with a pulse as well. I also use a z flick that gets me about 20 more feet on average.
I have the best luck with a 169g Innova champion Monster. It is just perfect out of my hand on all Thumbers and Tomahawks...
on that overhand driving technique discraft clinic vid, one of the pros is throwing a thumber 360-380. i'd say i'm maxing out about where you are too. i use a cfr destroyer currently, but it's max wt and while i feel i have more control with it my arm misses my 167g monster. if you haven't watched that discraft vid, i would recommend starting there.
I am in the same boat as these guys. I throw my 169g Champion Monster about 190 every time. Throw it low and get a little roll, throw it high and get a little less D. I love it. It moves nicely left to right (as a right handed thumber) consistently and sticks right where I want it. I have tried different things to get more D, but nothing has worked, so I am just happy where it is.
I'm right were you are, but I started with a firebird. I'm not sure that you'll gain a lot by switching, but the firebird works great as a thumber and driver anyway. What weight do you throw?
im no expert but i throw a z force cuz its real flat which makes me want try a flick. maybe go with a 150 because i doubt that wieght will make it flip or do wierd things on a thumber.
I have done the flick and its max weight and did the same distance as my 163 pulse. The pulse does great and I can control it very well. I just need more distance. I will try the X-cal and maybe a Force and see if I can get more out of them. I have watched the video. Super helpful and were I learned to thumb for the first time.
I have used a 150 class Flick and it covers the most distance compared with other discs that I have tried (Firebird, Pred, Tracker, Teerex..etc..) , but I also don't throw a thumber as far as you do.
First of all try the Epic. It does all the crazy flips than turns into a driver and sails out farther. I throw a Gateway Blast DT, it's flat, overstable, and has a smaller rim that allows me to release it quickly. Plus it cuts a very small line and only moves right about 15ft. if thrown straight up and down. When I tilt it a bit it tends come out a bit left and than go right. So when I'm in the crap o la and need a way out I just throw for daylight and watch it fly.
As far as distance goes I couldn't begin to tell you. I don't have a lot of distance on mine. I throw mine for accuracy and getting out of trouble. Look up Dutch Napier on here, he can give you some tips. I have yet to see anyone throw a thumber that far. I just watched him do it this past weekend at the Freeman lake open on a 365 ft hole and park it. I asked him where he bought his cannons at I need a pair! He can throw it for crazy distance and accuracy.
Just a suggestion here but try getting your elbow in closer to your chest and see if this gets your more D. I thumb a Predator (heavy wind) Pulse for more D (less wind). I had a local guy tell me to try and keep my elbow in closer and not so far out and I tossed one about 320... now that was a wide open hole that I was just trying to get D off of. Most the time I throw a thumber it's between 275- 290.... There a local pro who can toss his thumber about 350 all the time... he's a Ex-Pitcher though

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