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Im having a hard time finding a good thumber.

I want a disc that doesnt/wont flip over real quick. I like the long strait flight that scoobies at the end of the path.

Anyone throw overheads with a roc? Kc Pro? hows the distance?

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i have always had the best d with a champion eagle. around 169g.. i can make it skip, fly straight, skip roll.. sometimes some of the things it does is just remarkeable..
I have seen guys throw Firebirds and Monsters !!!
Red Line Disc Golf said:
I've found (for me any way) the less stable the disc the longer it takes for it to complete the turn. For these types of throws I use a 150 flick, a champion side winder, or a road runner. The lighter the weight the easier it is to manipulate, but keep in mind that the less stable the disc the less reliable the flight path when throwing overhand shots. Hope this helps:)
I beleive Red Line is correct.You want an under stable disc,it flipps a lot slower than an over stabble disc,I think the shoes where under stable?
Mark Ellis did a video on this. Thumbers and tomahawks were covered in the video. I myself would like to know about this too. You can view the video on YouTube.
Wouldn't it be great to get his input on this topic??? Hint, hint. : )
Man o man thumbers are AWESOME. I recently discovered them and played with 15 different discs for like 6 hours. After becoming extremely sore in the shoulder and elbow I was quite sure that the new discraft pulse's are the best thumber out there(for my level). I throw it hard and straight and it turns up and over slow and straight and has a great spike and/or roll depending on the snow. I throw it high and it gains an extra 10-15 feet of altitude on the flip and spikes down like a lawn dart. Super predictable and superb stability.
star firebirds are the way to go, 170-172. i can throw them over 350, nothings better than crushing a thumber when most people cant
I use a Destroyer. I dont have distance so I need the speed to get the distance. Also, I use it as a hammer too.
I have found (for me) that the star monster has the slowest rotation for thumber and tomahawks. I can usually get it to flip the one time and land on the flight deck getting it to slide in to where I want it to go. Now adding a little more force and snap, it will spiral and then hit and normally bounce and stick.
I've also found that when I throw a thumber with anything understable it takes a long time to flip, less predictable, and slower so it can be effected by the wind thats up there for longer. I normally only use my thumber when I get myself into trouble, but with a stable disc I can consistantely throw it 300'. Used to use a z-xtra, then I switched to a talon, now I use a freeky stable tee-rex. I don't know anything about understable discs flying further, and turning faster though. Hmmm that might be happening because of a differant grip, differant elevation, or their on another planet all together ;-)
I use the sidewinder for shots up to 180', longer or more power required I go with a star wraith.
I don't really think that understable/overstable really matters, and I have thrown a lot ot thumbers. I was injured for a year and could only throw thumbers, tomahawks. Z Talon- the longest thumber/tomahawk disc I have ever thrown. X Talon- The shortest thumber/tomahawk disc I have ever thrown. Z Wildcat- also a great mid-range thumber disc a little longer than a X Talon. ESP Pulse- I use one for thumbers/tomahawks and it was slow turning for a while, but now flips a lot quicker than it used to, and now throws way flippy(understable). Buy a Z Talon they bomb, easily 350 with a thumber, and they don't seem to change as much after using it for that purpose. I have noticed that plastic types matter more than weights, and stability.

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