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The last week my arm has been Killing me during and after I play a round. Yesterday I hit the tip of the Ice burg when I got half way through the round and thought I had actually torn a Muscle just below my bicep.

I didn't tear anything, and VERY Surprisingly, felt Fine by this morning. I have been thinking about it and it seems my Arm REALLY starts to hurt a Hole or two AFTER I have thrown a Thumber. It will hurt from my Bicep clear down into my Thumb, sometimes. 

Anyone else get this from throwing Thumbers?????

I bought a New Brace yesterday that covers the forearm, over the elbow, and clear up to the middle of my bicep. I played a round today with it and it seemed to work Really well. I didn't get sore even until about hole 16. BUT, I DID NOT throw a Thumber at all today to avoid further injury.

Any stories, tips, or suggestions are welcome. I have HAD elbow problems in the past when I used to pitch. Or, that's what I attribute it too. But, Never the arm pain like this. I SURE DO NOT want to have to cut the Thumber out of my arsenal. I use it EVERY Round and it has saved me MANY Strokes!!!! :0

Thanks Y'all.

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My shoulder is toast from one thumber.  Granted it was a full out shot with no warmup, but it doesn't work right at all anymore.  Only do overhands for short shots under like 100' now.

I have an old elbow injury from tennis, so if I know I'm going to throw a lot of overhand I wear a forearm brace.  I wear it loose and tighten it before throwing a thumber.  It cuts down on the pain.  I've also learned to pick my spots, I try not to throw more than ten in a day.

Thumbers are really bad for the arm. You are throwing something with very little weight to it. That lack of resistance can do some damage to your arm big time. Have you ever whiffed on trying to hit something (bat to ball) with all your might? Hurts like heck! This is why I only use a thumber for escape shots and don't put much behind it. I also pretty much just wrist it when I do throw it too.

If it's a must for you to use. You really need to stretch and warm up your arm before you do. This might cut down on possible further injuries.

Yeah man ouch damn@! What you need to do is eccentric exercises wich are ones that compact the muscle. Lift a weight and let it down super slow but not all the way. I quit hurting my arm when I discovered a 150 flick. Just lock the thumb in on the raised lettering and throw smooth not hard. Holy catfish watch that thumber go better than ever.

you might have strained it while you were dodging alligators and glass and icebergs and piranas looking for discs in the water. it takes exceptionally good form and timing to throw any over head shot thats not going to potentionally damage you elbow, wrist, hip, or shoulder. i'd recomend taking a break from throwing it for a couple months and work on your side arm. when start throwing thumbers again make sure you are exhaling before you release the disc and flex your abdominal muscles. like a sidearm less can be more (and safer) when it comes to taking the disc back. and last but not least don't extend your elbow more than 90%

and return peoples discs- just let them know what you went through to get the disc and request a reward

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