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Tiger Woods to FEATURE an ALL-NEW DISC GOLF MODE in his PGA Tour 10!(wii would like to play!)

Alright Tiger! Way to be hip.
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 for the Wii home video game system bundle will an accessory to provide better control in the standard game and increased control in an all-new disc golf mode.
See more at http://news.punchjump.com/article.php?id=7750

The peripheral Wii MotionPlus, will sell for $19.99, and is said to offer more comprehensive tracking of a player’s arm position and orientation, allowing wrist or arm movement to be identically rendered on-screen in true 1:1 response.

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Impressive. If it's even half as fun a playing the real thing, I'm on board.
This game will bring awareness to all those who ask us...What is Disc Golf? I surprised there hasn't been a pro sponsored real action disc golf game that 1) has interactive infinite number of online real-life players or create your own character, 2) real-3D mapped courses around the world and play your local course online, 3) keep online score system for on and off the field. I think they already do this for golf, eh?

I know the point is to get out there and play in the field, but this would be great chance to see other courses in the world. The TW 10 is a great step to enlightenment of our game.
me want!!
Another nice report..:

Dubbed 'Disc Golf' the feature "allows fans to trade in their golf clubs for a new way to play all championship courses featured in the game. Imagine trying to take on the famous island green on hole 17 at TPC Sawgrass with a disc! Featuring support with the Wii MotionPlus accessory, Disc Golf brings the family-fun sport into your living room."

And a neat comment from someone:
Posted by Eclipse Dj
It's good to see a Wii exclusive mode that doesn't involve Mii's and naff mini games. The Motion Plus, course layout and wind factors/direction will add quite alot of depth and skill to this side game. Looks much more rewarding than throwing a disc for a dog. I hope you can play this mode online too, it adds a little variety to a game thats already looking impressive.

This will be my first Wii Tiger Woods purchase, been waiting for online and Motion Plus, so this shouldn't disappiont! Add in voice chat online via WiiSpeak and I'll be made up!
The guys from EA come out to our local course in Orlando(Barnett Park). They work exclusivly on TW. I am sure that they are to thank for this. They are out at the course often.
The feedback on this has been increasingly good. This one below is a recent favorite..

From a reveiwer at GAMESPY.com
but for the best diversion (and a reason to buy the game on its own), try Disc Golf. This new and ridiculously addictive mode plays just like a game of golf, using a Frisbee instead of a ball and club. Your on-screen warm-up swings perfectly reflect the tilt, elevation, and speed of your actual movements.

Over here in Oz we have to wait until mid-to-late July for the game's release! I'm jealous of you guys, you gotta let me know how good it is from a disc golfers perspective, not just some game reviewer whos probably never even played real disc golf!
Avery Jenkins on Twitter..
" I am claiming the 1st "Hole in One" Ace on the New Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10. June 10"

Domination by the big guy.. even in the digital world!
I perked up when I saw an ad for the new TW game on the Golf Channel last night (US Open woo hoo! C'mon Phil don't disappoint me again...).

Several shots of TW swinging the Wii controller etc, but no mention of the Disc Golf mode.

Oh well, too bad. Maybe there will be other ads and that facet could be featured.

Yup Joe,
I think the good news is that this DG mode is catching everyone pleasantly by surprise.

More than once, I have read a reviewer make the statement like "this DG mode is worthy enough to stand alone as its own title".. But great Kudos to whoever - that it is NOT standing alone- because (needless to say) with it packaged in the ball golf title, it is another level of exposure to the world that we all desire to see..
This reviewer (spencer) seems to think disc golf is....extremely uncommon

From: http://wii.nintendolife.com/reviews/2009/06/tiger_woods_pga_tour_10...

"Perhaps the best addition, and featured as a completely separate game mode unique unto itself, is Disc Golf. More commonly known by its trademarked ‘f’ word name, Disc Golf is an actual sport (albeit extremely uncommon) played on specially designed courses with floating discs and is played almost exactly like golf. It is included here for the first time, perhaps in any video game, and it is playable on all 28 PGA courses (almost certainly for the first time). Although not a full experience - you only get three discs to choose from and cannot tweak them like you can your golf clubs - the game is pretty realistically realized and your disc control is completely one-to-one. As with the golf controls, you must learn to master your swing in order to do well. Frankly the game plays well enough that it could have qualified as its own retail release, but sadly, it does not feature online play, not even with friends."
extremely uncommon my butt

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