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I think everyone has had this scenario happen to them once and awhile: you just threw your disc and the shot didn't go exactly as planned and lands about four feet off the fairway. Initially, you are not to worried because you saw 'exactly' what tree or bush your disc just landed by. After you patiently wait for your friends to finish their shots, you proceed to place where you thought you saw your disc land. Low and behold, your disc is proving difficult to find. Did it take a nasty bounce or role? Did it grow legs and walk away or did the disc golf gnomes claim another prize? Is your local disc golf course the edge of our universe and you cherished plastic pal just slipped into another dimension or did you simply go blind? If these kind of random thoughts go running through your head as storm of frustration seems to take hold of your cool demeanor; just take a deep breath because some of these following tips may just help you save your sanity.

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ooooh good tip for sure, i use that every time one gets a little left
Good point on the drama queen thing. So many of use hate to see our failures fly through the air and in the thick, but like a good captain, I will stay with it until it sinks into the abyss.
Out of the group of disc golfers I throw with, I'm one of few that stays refer free. That must be why I'm always finding their discs. Can't say the same thing about beer though.

Also, I can't count how many times one of them left their disc behind on a hole in plan view. I always like to pick up their disc and shout out "Hey! Look what I found! I'm keeping this disc!"
Refer free is the way to be!
reefer is the way to be free :)

420 chainzzz
i would say that when playing on a new course, sometimes it doesn't matter what color your disc is.

i recently went to milwaukee to play a course that my buddy used to play back in the day and the abundance of trees had dropped all their leaves, essentially covering the ground. on a short 200 foot hole i threw my bright blue star aviar and it hit a plastic covered tree right near the pin. when i went to the area i saw it land, it was no where to be found. there were logs all over and i figured that it got stuck underneath one. well, 20 minutes passed and still no putter. it was strange that right before the hole i was thinking that it would be near impossible to lose a putter because they're only used on short holes and putts and are easy to control so there would be no way to ever throw a ridiculously errant shot. i guess i got ahead of myself.

luckily a group of locals came to the hole and we had them play through. i let them know that i was looking for my disc and one of the guys immediately went next to the pin where it appeared to be ground covered in leaves but was really a small hole filled with leaves. he kindly placed it in the basket and congratulated me on a nice birdie.

the lesson of this story is that you should let others know that you are searching and maybe their outside perspective could shed some light on your frantic, anxiety filled search. locals clearly know the ins and outs of course, so if you happen to see one when at an unfamiliar course, i'm sure they'll be happy to help out. at least that was the case for me

thanks goes out to ever that was at valley view park in new berlin, wi.

does anyone have free reefer?
Im always like, SWEET, does anyone wanna buy a FLX Challenger

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