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ok i have been playing for roughly around 3 weeks with some friends that have been playing for a while now, just bought my first disc a few days ago it's a innova champion viking tried it out last night at cold brook did ok. i throw rhbh since thumbers started destroying my shoulder and elbow. my problem is most the time i throw it curves to the left almost immediately, my friends say i need to release the disc flat before i can move on to learning other stuff, also i dont seem to be getting enough spin on the disc which i think is caused from not snapping my wrist enough. i've tried gripping with 4 fingers that worked ok but i was thinking that i may get a better drive if i gripped it with my pinky,ring, and middle finger.

are there any other tips that i can try to get a better drive?

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Most people point to the articles and video below as a good starting point. That's where I started, and it's worked well for me. That and practice, practice, practice.


Get a Sidwwinder or Roadrunner...mid to high 160s...keep the Viking for when you need to go left...watch the videos and practice in a open field.
actually before i bought the viking i used my friends sidewinder all the time since i didn't have any disc at the time, it worked pretty good for me.
A 150 class Stingray worked well for me starting out - more distance than anything else and much straighter.
you should get one of your own. Until you develop your power, you should stick with lighter understable discs.
Here is a good video with the champ where he shows you the best way to grip your disc the fork grip


I've only been playing for 3 months now, so please don't consider me an expert, but I've found that for me to get the snap to throw an overstable driver like a Surge or Wraith, I have to be very aware of where I grip. I've found that I must grip with my index finger and middle finger the strongest. You'll feel it when you throw it with enough snap to get that "bio-feedback" through your fingers as the disc comes off of them.

Also, I've found that my thumb ****MUST**** be directly over where I grip with my index finger on the bottom rim. It helps me keep my release flat and does seem to help create a consistent snap.


Tall Tom
A 150 class disk will come of your hand faster with more spin and allow you to improve your form. You can work up to heavier discs, but even the difference between 155 and 165 is more substantial than you might think. I can throw a 150g Stingray farther and more accurately then a 168g Wraith. A DX Stingray beats in to a nice understable disc that will fly on a beautiful S-curve when thrown with a hyzer angle. I also found it easier to throw heavier more stable disks with a forehand throw - some folks think this is easier for beginners.
When you progress beyond the 150 class discs they are great to share with friends who go disc golfing with you for the first time. Just a thought . . .
Try some less stable discs and practice, practice, practice. Just takes time. I also found I did better playing on my own. I'd go out with these guys throwing these monster bombs. So I ended up trying to hard and trying to power the disc. Instead of working on my form.
Lighter discs may help, but make sure you keep the disc flat. Don't train yourself to throw the wrong way. Your arm follow through is probably the most important of all. If you want to throw straight, make sure your arm comes through straight after the release. A swooping up motion is probably whats causing your discs to go left, and im guessing high in the air. Watch the pro's on you tube. And have fun!
Midrange discs, and fairway drivers are the way to go if you're just starting out. Try a Discraft Impact or an Innova Cheetah, they worked great for me.You can throw an Impact with a steep hyser and the disc will stand up straight and finish fairley straight. 150 wt is great!
yeah thats what my friends tell me all the time to release it flat because lately its been coming out on a angle so its not going straight, i'm working on getting it to fly straight and snapping my wrist so it spins more then eventually i want to add the power in, because a lot of people i see usually get a birdie or par and by that time i'm shooting for bogey or double. probably doesn't help i hit my friend in the nose while putting a few weeks back which now i'm in the mind state of not wanting to try to throw if people are near me because i think i'm going to hit them.

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