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Just ordered a 162g Star Wraith. Anyone have tips for me? I will be mainly using it for my long hyzer shots.   Is it good for spike hyzers?

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if you throw it straight leveled from your chest is will go a long way with a hard fade. I have a 161g star wraith, it's a great disc to do those s curve shots as well. It can be a bit troublesome on how you angle your disc. I like to keep my wraith nose down on my drives and release it near  chest level, it will go very far and with the s curve it will go straight. This disc is also a great hyzer disc, just keep in mind of the hard fade as it will fade about 10-20' to the left (or right) This is just my analysis from throwing my go to driver disc, the wraith. To me this disc does greatly benefit from a good snap. I do not have much experience side arming or other techniques with this disc. You will really love this disc once you learn how to use it. Get a feel for it and experiment with this disc and your style of throwing around this disc.
Only tip. Start of with a flat release and go from there. As you know, you could buy several Wraiths and they would all fly slightly different. So 1st thing to do is see how she flies with a flat release.
pro wraith here,and wraiths take along time to break in,more of a turn over disc,or S shot,throw it hard
I also throw RHBH with little sidearm experience.  I've previously thrown a Pro Wraith that belonged to my friend and found that it is just perfect, it feels great.  It is over stable and it will go really far.  What attracted me to the disc is its physical features; the rim isn't too thick.  The one thing im unsure of is what comes along with the light weight i ordered.  I prefer lighter discs but have never throw an over stable disc at such a light weight, (162).  I'm assuming that at a lighter weight it will need less power to go the same distance, but will fade quicker and longer.  Thats just what im assuming so correct me if i'm wrong.
Sounds like a good Plan A.
All of these comments are great guys, thanks.

You've made a good choice... especially if you know that you love the feel.  If that's the case it will probably never leave your bag.  The disc like that for me was a TL. 


After trying all the faster discs I've gone back to the Wraith (star 172g) as my go-to distance driver.  Sure I throw farther... maybe even 60' further with a champ katana, but he results are mixed.  The big rim sometimes equates to early releases for me.  Going back down to the wraith means I get more consistent snap. 


The wraith has such a pure line to it.  It has a great stability for throwing long sweeping hyzers... it holds a line for a long time before fading out.  If you break it in a little you will throw that thing a mile.  Someone else mentioned keeping the nose down... they were spot on.  It's not quite as nose angle sensitive as the bigger rimmed drivers, but it's certainly more so than a midrange or smaller rimmed driver.  One key to throwing nose down is wrist orientation.  Hold your hand out like you're going to shake hands.  Then tip your hand down as much as it will comfortably go.  Then put a disc in your hand and rip it hard.  The other key is thumb pressure.  I've found I do much better when I consciously push down with my thumb.  I get a lot more snap.  BTW.. that wrist orientation may feel awkward at first, but you'll get used it.  I made the switch earlier last summer and I bomb the long drivers a whole lot more consistently now.  No more pop-up stalls.  Hope this helps.  Sorry for the tome. 

Best reply yet, thanks man!

The Wraith is such a great driver. When i started throwing it I had little distance and it was a great hard hyzer disc. Then when I got up to that 300 foot mark they where my long hyzer disc. Now I'm throwing around 350-365 and still chuck a wraith out there and know it's going to hyzer a little at the end. 


I will throw it into a head wind hard on a hzyer line and it will pop up flat and go a long way. Also it will skip big, so ill throw it low to the ground and let it skip it's way around a bend. Or I'll throw it with a bunch of hyzer into the gound about 60 feet in front of me and it will skip way up in the air. great for those short hard hzyer wooded holes. Spike hyzer I will use my nuke if its really wooded only because its bright pink lol, but If I don't have to worry about losing my wraith, I will throw it up there big time. Biggest tip is using it on windy days. if you got a right to left wind, rip it hard with just a little bit of hight, aim a good bit right because the wind will carry it forever. Headwind throw it low, lower then you want to the wind will pick it up and it will just take off out of sight. It is still very stable in light weights like it is in heavy. I can go to the store and grab a 150g dx wraith and throw it as hard as I can and it will hyzer back somehow. I would also suggest you buy one in pro plastic because it will break in faster and give you some very long S shots. But keep the star for hyzer shots and headwind drives.   

great disc for long turnover shots i keep four in my bag they have been there every since i started. mine are all star wraiths and 175 grams. and if you get the eco-plastic wraiths are a little less stable than regular star wraiths.

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