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My girlfriend is amazing, but she doesn't get into disc golf. How can I get this to change?

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Easy, I bought my girl a cheap bag and 6 150 class discs in all kinds of girly colors.. She changed her mind really quick! She went a few times and couldn't throw my discs cause they were too heavy. Now that she has discs "specially made for girls" she loves it!
Why would you want to change anything that it is amazing. I use the moto if its not broken dont fix it.
Tell her there is a Macy's sales rep giving away stuff??
Take it from the king of hobbies my wife hates (climbing, disc golf, jumping from high places into bodys of water and mashing around town on my track bike) if she doesn't want to go, don't push it. Remind her from time to time that you you would like her company. But don't let disc golf be more important than her! No girl wants to be 2nd to a bag of plastic!
I wish my wife would come out and play .she has about 30 disc's and nice pdga bag and plays one or twice a year ..so i can't help you but i feel your pain but she loved playing knob hill in pa
Alot of good answers here, some really funny, turn it into a date and remember you don't have to spend the whole day at the park. Start out with a plan like include a nice set down lunch or dinner or movie afterwards, I do alot of traveling so any time I have at home I devote to my family so if I do golf I always throw in something that she likes to do as well.
Well, there is an easy way to tell if she will ever be interested.

Does she like outdoors?
Does she like to be athletic or at least active?
Is she competitive at all? Preferably with herself so she isn't frustrated by being competitive with you?

If she doesn't fit into any of the above, chances are she's never going to enjoy it.

I was blessed, my girlfriend actually turned me onto disc golf. We knew each other for a long time as bar friends. We would see each other in the bar and would normally make a point to stop and talk to each other. I thought she wasn't my type, I have no interest in the hard partyer, and she thought she wasn't quite ready for a settle down type like myself. I'm very outdoors oriented, by all practical appearances she seemed very much the bar fly, party, and never get up to go outside except to drive to work or the next party. She thought I was the boring lump at the bar that was a really great guy, but not fun enough to enjoy persuing at all. We were both VERY wrong.

One slow quiet day in the bar I was sitting at a table watching ESPN by myself, and she stopped by and we chatted. I mentioned going Kayak fishing on Guntersville Lake that weekend. She replied "YOU LIKE KAYAKING?" enthusiastically. I Quickly replied "As often as I can get on the water I do it, but I have two Kayaks, one me, and well it's a lot more fun when you don't have to do it alone. And none of my friends have more than a passing interest in kayaking on rivers and fishing out of them.". She promptly said "Ironic, I love to do all of that. But my friends that do it don't have enough boats to ever spare me one.".

Hrmmm, "You want to get out on the River some weekend?" I asked. She quickly replied "I'll be upset if you forget me next time you are on the water."

First time we had the opportunity, I loaded both of my boats and ultralight camping gear (Turns out that much like me she is a minimalist camper too.) up into the truck, picked her up and we were off for a weekend camping float on the Sipsey River. During that time finding out we have everything in common. And over the next couple of months fell for each other.

Sorry for the story, I just think it's important for two people to share the vast majority of each others loves. If you are outdoorsy and she is a homebody, chances are you will grow apart a lot faster. You have to share common interests, but have enough seperate interests to get away from each other when it's needed. We throw disc, we both love river kayaking and whitewater, we both are very family oriented, we both enjoy fishing, hiking, etc etc. But we don't have to spend every waking minute together either, but we enjoy each others company enough that we can spend every waking minute together without ever even coming close to getting tired of each other. She is the mother of my child first and foremost, my best friend second, and everything else is just icing on the cake.
Well put rolemodel... I had some of the pieces to that puzzle, and you helped finish it. So thank you!
Ouch, 30 discs and doesn't play often?! I only have 21 and I try to get at least 5 days out of the week to play a couple rounds! Well the best of luck to the both of us!
Very excellent advice! Turning the whole day into a one huge date is what I'm thinking! Starting out with some breakfast at home, hit up the course, have a picnic right after that and then take her out to a movie! Very excellent! Thank you!
Dude, no apology necessary at all on the length of that story! I soaked up every last detail of it! And to reply to the questions of whether she is outdoorsy, active and such... Yes, she is all the above which I am very glad for! And I know that she used to be competitive, but I'm not sure really anymore. We both definitely love the outdoors hiking, canoeing etc. We're just not able to do it as much right now which is kind of a bummer. But I'm sure that once I get my life going a little bit more into a forward motion, we'll be able to do some more of the things that we enjoy about life! I got a start on the whole thing of getting my life to go forward! This upcoming Spring semester I'm going back to school to finish up on Culinary Arts in Minneapolis, MN(which the both of us are pretty excited for!) I just sometimes wish that I could be at her level in life-Bachelors degree, full time job, yada yada yada... But this period of our lives is in an odd strange way is one of the ways that I know that she'll love me forever! I am broke, unemployed, and we are living at my moms place right now. And yet, everyday she tells me that she loves me! So yeah, not as great of a story as yours, I just thought that I'd share a little bit of my life you since you shared a bit of yours with me! Well thanks for yours words of wisdom!
I have found that a few small doses at a time is the best way. On a nice evening take them for a walk on the course. Some other day go and just play from the shorts maybe just 9 or less holes so it is not overwhelming. At first try not to correct their throw, let them ask you for advice, if they are interested they will, if not....find a new significant other lol. Reminds me of the previews for that new show, secret girlfriend. That could pose problems though.

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