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I believe that this topic will help the reader to have a clearer understanding of success and it provides what is needed to be done to maintain a successful life.

To a large extent, whatever one becomes in life depends on his personal decision. Life is what you make out of it. If you are not successful in life, it is your fault and not that of God. The Bible records that prosperity is the will of God for his children. Your life has been packaged by God for greatness irrespective of how and where you were born.

There is no theory or principle that states that once you come from a poor family background, you must remain poor forever. There is need for proper planning in life. Your life as a child is the product of the plans made for you by your parents or guardian, while your life as an adult is the product of the plans you made from your teenage stage to your present stage in life. This is why you need to make wise decisions today, so that in the future you will not look back and regret the decisions that destroyed you.
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Well said Mark,we can always make choices in our lives.We always have the power of choice.
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chill out he has a link for his sig so what
It does help to believe in yourself and your God given talents.
slow, ugly, poor, happy!
Let's not forget all us athiest disc golfers as well as those that don't believe in god!! Let me remind all of you, we are still welcome here! The disc golf world accepts our beliefs and we don't have to hide them like in the career world (and for many of us, the world of our families)!

I agree with taking responsibility for your life, and staying positive. This mindset leads to higher satisfaction for the things you earn and achieve. However, to completely rule out one's childhood as if any of us can look back and be completely objective of our past experiences, and not altered by them, is just plain silly. I believe, scientifically (i have some background in the scientific study of organisms' behavior) that your behavior, both internal (thoughts, decisions, etc.) and external (observable behavior), is a result of the consequences of such behavior you have exhibited in the past. To put it less theoretically - you are a result of how your body, including your brain, has encountered its environment since you were born.

If you grew up poor and you are poor, well, no big deal you witnessed adults with poor financial skills your whole childhood. You didn't have the advantage of learning through example like rich kids. No decisions you make are free of any influence that has occurred in the past!!!!

As comforting as it might be to look at the drunk bum on the side of the road and blame him for making poor decisions, its not that simple!

Want to do some good for others? Enrich the environment around you. Don't look down on those that you are more successful than by your standards, you may be lucky to have the childhood you did. Try to understand WHY they made those decisions that got them in the hole. OPEN YOUR EYES!!!

or don't, just my 2 cents.
I've got to agree with Blaze on this one. There are very real Sociological studies that show that when someone starts poor, they are far more likely to stay that way. People who grow up in abusive families or around drug abuse are also more likely to follow the example of those around them. There seems to be genetic factors that increase the likelyhood of mental illness and addiction that can be passed down from generation to generation. I'm certainlly not saying that humans are stictly the product of their environment. There has to be a sense of accountability for our actions, or law and morality become irrelevent. There simply is no such thing as truly equal opportunity in this country, only the illusion of such.
Well put Sean.
I agree we need a sense of accountability for our actions, and in everyday life I abide by that. In theory though, I am a hypocrite, because I don't believe "free will" is something that can be studied, by definition.

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