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Can you wear a glove, and not break any rules. t

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Yes as long as it doesnt have a device to aid the throw. Normal gloves are fine.

I have a pair of under armor gloves that I take with me to the course on cold days. I have noticed that if I drive with them on I don't get a clean release. The disc either slips out of my hands or I grip lock it really bad. The only time I leave them on now, besides between throws, is when I'm putting. I don't notice any grip locking or early releases when I'm putting.

Good question because I was thinking of wearing a surgical rubber glove on my throwing hand to increase my grip coefficient of friction. I suppose this would also be allowed by the rules, similar to "rosin" or a "birdie bag".

Don't glove, why would you?

You would get used to playing with your glove, then when you are without it, or when they outrule it, you will play poorly. Your thinking too much about your game, if you consider wearing a glove. If you are looking for something to set you apart from others, consider playing a simpler game, cut down on the # of different discs you have, and fill your bag with KC Rocs. Good luck.

I used to wear them( for the cold) till just recently. I quit using them because any bit of moisture, be it a light rain, morning dew or just grabbing the disc out of the puddle that forms under the basket. (Parking it) and my hands were twice as cold. If its the cold your worried about go out and get a hand warmer, like the quarterbacks in football use. You can also find them in the hunting gear as well. i like to put 3 or 4 of the hand warmer packs inside. works like a charm.If its for some other reason you wear them I suggest water resistant at least.

Have you tried bicycle gloves? Various types out there. 

Work great since your fingers are free to grip the disc.

NFL Reciever's Gloves they can be bought at most sports stores and work great.  Now that it's nolonger October the pink ones can be found at a good discount.

I could never get a solid or comfortable grip with a glove. Anything between me and the disc makes my throw feel a little uncontrollable. 

I have used fleece gloves before with decent results.

Can You?  Sure.  Should You?  Maybe.

I know a couple good Pros who wear a glove on their throwing hands year round.  I see players who wear a glove only in frigid weather.  Any change you make in your game is going to take trial and error and getting used to.

A glove will add warmth but it will change the feel, the grip, on the disc.  Some players are very sensitive to minor differences.  Others adapt more easily.  I have tried all manner of gloves ( racquetball, golf, rubber, etc.) and found that the thinner the glove the better it worked until the glove or my disc got wet then none of them helped.  But that was just my experience.  I am so picky that it takes me several rounds to get used to a new jacket or a different hat.

When I throw a backhand shot grip is seldom an issue.  But being forehand dominant I absolutely need a dry hand and a dry disc to control a shot.  So I take great pains to get and maintain a grip.  When conditions get so bad I cannot keep a dry disc and hand I am forced to abandon throwing forehand and revert to a backhand game.  It is comically bad.  I go from a Pro to an Am 6 in a heartbeat.

For warmth my preference is mittens.  They are much warmer than gloves.  They also give poorer dexterity.  But the dexterity of a glove is misleading.  Say in the middle of a frigid round you need to tie a shoe or adjust your layers of clothing or write down scores.  If a glove has enough dexterity to let you do these tasks then it probably is not very warm.  So I wear big mittens and take them off briefly to do a task then slip them back on the regain warmth.

Any glove or mitten which is too tight a fit is a struggle to get on and off, especially in wet conditions.  So a big, oversized mitten, stuffed with hand warmers, is what I use. My favorite mittens are Polartech or wool or a combination of those fabrics.  Polartech (polyester) is a fabric which moderates temperature so your hands stay warm without getting too hot.  If your hands are too warm and sweat (like inside snowmobile mittens) they freeze immediately when you pull them off to do a task.  Sweating (anywhere) and bitter cold are a bad combination.

For the work I do at times I am required to use cut resistant gloves. The palms have a polyurethane coating. I've always been against using gloves until this year when I tried these. For putting I did not lose any feeling and the grip improved. For driving it wasn't as easy but still not a huge change.

Gloves can absolutley be like cheating. Those rubber gloves will give you twice the spin.

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