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i see alot of people jump putting. i just starting this year. how does everyone else putt outside the circle.


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I never, ever jump putt. It makes no sense. I'm a noodle arm old man who can easily throw a 175 gram disc 100' accurately with out leaving my feet.

My advice to everyone on putting is the less body movement you have with your putting motion the more control you'll have, a jump putt does nothing but give you power you don't need and takes away accuracy you do need.
I have never had to jump putt. I can usually get plenty of height and power without jumping. If I really need more distance on a putt I take a step, sort of a mini run-up to the spot.
I wont do it unless its very necessary, but very seldom.
I have never been a jump putter, I prefer to walk through my putt if I'm that far outside the circle. I've been that way for the last four years.

They actually cover this subject in the Fundamentals DVD, and they do say its better to have as little movement as possible, and while it does cover jump putting they recommend spin putting or walking through your put rather than jumping.
i tried adding a jump putt into my game for quite awhile but the 1 or 2 times i could make it out of ten was not worth the 8 or 9 times i would miss horribly.
What ever makes you happy. If it's easier to jump putt then do it. Visa versa.
Instead of using a jump when you are putting from further out try the concept of the step, use your regular putting stance but step with your left leg (rhbh) and fallow through with it. Dave Feldberg explains this in the previous stated fundamentals DVD.
You must release the disc before coming off the ground, so technically not a jump putt, but a putt jump.
See the rule book, and anybody doing the Michael Jordan hang glide and finger roll release needs to be called for a "foot fault, stance violation"
First call is a warning and the putt does not count (in or out) and the putt must be retaken with a proper stance.
Any calls for the same violation during the round costs a stroke for each one.
it is called a jump putt. and i was asking whats everyone thought about jump putting. i am sure we all know the rules to a jump putt. and you have to call the foot fault within 3 sec of the violation.
I think he was comenting on a previous thread?
Calling it a jump putt leads to confusion because of a basketball term most people know.
In basketball a jump shot is just as it is named, you jump, then you shoot while you are off the ground.
In disc golf it is called a jump putt, but you are not allowed to jump, then putt...you actually have to putt before you jump, you are not allowed to be off the ground with the disc still in hand.
So a better name for it would be a putt jump, to avoid the confusion.
When you come up off the ground and the disc is still in your hand, do not be surprised if you hear a call...
Just trying to help those people who want to work on proper form and avoid rules issues during tournaments.
I felt it was necessary to elaborate because of what I see on the disc golf course...Jordan putting has become acceptable during casual rounds and becomes an issue during a tournament.
To answer your question for the discussion, No jump putt is necessary. Long putts can be made with proper form and no lunge is needed.


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