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i see alot of people jump putting. i just starting this year. how does everyone else putt outside the circle.


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it is called a jump putt because of the fact that you are jumping when you putt. you throw before you leave the ground. you dont putt and then jump in the air. that would not help you in any way.
I actually appreciate the renaming to putt jump, but it's not something to get fussy about either. If you want to keep calling it a jump putt, then do it. It does sound better IMO.

I think Disc-O is trying to call attention to the fact that many players do commit a stance violation when the jump putt...and not just the ones that are obvious about it. I heard Feldberg reference some footage where they slowed the video way down to see when a player releases the disc. It showed that the players often released the disc a split second after their feet had left the ground. I think that's one of the reasons he advocates the walk through putt instead.

The issue for me is this: if you have to slow a video down to even be able to tell if a player has violated the stance rule, then how can you possibly call a stance violation on that player?

I know that my version of jump putting is fine...I actually realized that I just do a "skippier" version of the walk through putt, but people getting persnickity about the timing of the jump putt has me worried that someone might falsely accuse me of a stance violation at a tourney. How do you prove they're right, or that you're right. Get an official? It's pretty rare for me to be anywhere near one on the course. But I guess if my group said they were going to stroke me every time I jump putt, I'd return the favor to them by making a pilgrimage to find one regardless.
*with proper form AND God-given strength/ability. Most of us can't putt with a traditional rock forward onto your lead foot putt past, say 40 ft. For me even at that range it feels pretty strained, so I do a jump-putt, or putt-jump (a semantics issue) anywhere outside the circle so I don't have to swing my arm unnecessarily hard and throw off my timing. Steve Rico makes me sick (in a wow, he's utterly amazing kind of way) when he putts because he can use his traditional putt out to what 100 ft??

Lastly, Disco, how far do you think the average player could hit a putt with a "traditional putt" without stepping or jumping past the lie?
It's more like a skip putt for me. I try to replicate my staggard stance putting tech. The reason I like it, is because I can still put a minimal to no spin (purposeful) on my disc. So it's the same tech. I use when I'm putting from 15, 20, or 25 feet. I just don't have to keep my feet planted (show control).
I throw a 165 Challenger outside the Circle, I can get that extra distance I need, without the jump putt. I find that I loose a lot of control if I try the jump put. I Solved the problem by throwing a lighter disc.
personally, I like the jump putt because of the ability I have to replicate the same results with it. I only use it from 30 to 120ish ft out.
No Jump putting here.....no need too. If I'm outside my range for a putting stance...I go backhand with a nice balanced stance....focusing on the throw, not the throw and "Jump".
I have enough power.

I have always had good technique and never needed to ever Jump putt.

However ,

I still see to this day , some players illegal jump putting inside the circle.
THe thing about jump putt to step up putting is, in a jump put you can replicate a shorter putt's disc travel and landing either in the basket or close. with a walk up unless it goes in or if it hits off the top you can have quite a bit of work yet to do on said hole. Raise your hand if you have ever turned a duece putt into a bogey god knows I sure have! If by throwing accurately from 100' you can lay it up then it is not a putt; if you can put it in even 3/10 your a god. Jump putts for me are bout 50-70' otherwise i'm laying up,if you zing it from that far out and miss see above.
If it feels good then do it. If not don't. I personally don't use it but I know many people who are successful with it.
I never jump, might take a step forward outside the circle but I never jump.
I recommend it. The reason is simple. When you're putting, everything moves in a line. It's tough to get off line with that. When you're 100 ft out and you have an angled landing zone, it's critical to get the right disc angle and landing spot. If you throw at it you have a chance at an early release or late release. Jump putting virtually eliminates this issue. So having a jump putt won't just allow you to make more 40-70 footers, it's a great 'lay-up'/approach tool as well. That said, you can't get sloppy (ie not practicing) with your true approach throws, but if I have a choice, I'll jump it rather than throw it.


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