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I need some Professional advice...............

During leagues last night my partner Eric "Roadie" Roadhouse pointed out that I should throw higher across my body. He said that by throwing across my waist I am robbing myself of power. A few of his prodigies also throw across their shoulder line instead of throwing low. They all can throw well above 450ft. with the exception of Roadhouse, who has age fighting him.
Here is my issue.........
I have been playing for 16 years now, and I would like to say the ever famous "if it aint broke dont' fix it". However if this will help me in the long run I am all for trying something new. I just don't know if the good outweighs the bad in this case. I can throw 400ft. now, do I really need extra power? Plus I am 34 and age is catching up with me, so will this help in years to come? Also I have always heard from other Top Pro's such as Dave Greenwell that throwing high across your body is BAD! So which is it?
HELP PLEASE!!!!! What should I do?

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There is always a "best" way to throw a disc, shoot a ball, etc. You should definitely try it. If after 2 weeks, you are getting no where, or even getting worse, then do not do it. As a buddhist would say, "Find a middle way."
Eric is correct.

I could explain it, but I've got to be in court.
34 and age is catching up? hahaha!
I'm 52 and throwing farther now then I did 20 years ago. If it harms you then don't do it, but not trying new things because you think you're old I don't agree with.
jay dub you are correct...
at the young age of 48.75 (yep 3 months till party time) i'll take all the advice i can get from better or more experienced players and give it a try. if it improves my game AND doesn't cause joint/muscle issues then i'll add it to the list of things to work into my game. "nothing ventured... nothing gained"

be good
have fun
I think you are talking about throwing a flex shot where you throw an overstable driver anhyzer so it comes back hyzer for max distance. If so, then the higher release point you can manage, the better. The disc has to get higher in the air to flex back hyzer. You may be throwing stable or unstable stuff and your low release is best for that shot, a hyzer flip. Different shots for different stabilities and results
One more point from me...I know Dave Greenwell (haven't seen him for about 10-12 years) and I would listen to his advice. He's about the most complete golfer I have ever seen. (I haven't been on the scene in a while)
I think every one is different. From what I have seen as long as you are generating the max arm speed for your build/style and are putting a lot of spin on the disc, your doing great.

For the record I have seen time and time again people who throw shorter drives beat big arms due to accuracy.
No, this is all just form. I already know how to flex!
Thats just it though Roadhouse is one of the most accurate golfers I have ever met. 1 out of every 50 to 75 of his shots go stray. The man has killer accuracy and still throws this way. I think I am going to give it a try and se if it kills my accuracy. If it does I will switch back quickly before I screw everything up.
depends if you are really comfortable with it... If you are throwing 400 i would love to see you hit 500 but, again if it isn't comfortable screw it you know what i mean?
Man this is true.... I gt oooo's and aaaahs but, to tell you the truth i been toning it down a whole lot... saves my arm and it's droping my score tremendously im looking at before 4 birdies a round or so jump to 7 and 8 birdies a round on a complicated course... I have seen a difference and now im actually letting my big head shrink and listening to people when they tell me something to do.
Called a Helix Shot

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