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What is easier to learn tommys or thumbers


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Same concept isn't it.  Just different part of the hand holding the disc.

Or should I say how you hold the disc.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

You are right DD. Thumber is thrown with the Thumb on the Inside of the rim, flight plate facing out. Tomahawk is thrown with finger(s) inside the rim, flight plate facing in. 

I have an easier time throwing Thumbers and USE them much more often, but the Tommy is a Valid shot also. I think the Thumber is a EASIER shot to be accurate with AND get more distance out of, personally...

I always thought of it as throwing a baseball. I would set up a trashcan at a football field and throw for random distances. I found a tommy easier to throw then a thumber, but then swiched to a thumber after I figured it out. A thumber tends to flip fast, personal opinion there, but I have seen people crush both styles.

Throwing right handed, a thumber will enter at the basket from the left, and a tomahawk will inter at the basket from the right. The flight patterns look like a jumbled mess in the sky to most, but they do both have their own distinctive flight patter. In an open space with a clear run at the basket you could thrown either, depending in which one you are more comfortable with. But....with obsticles, wind directions, and pin placements involved in most shots, you might to understand the flight characteristics of both. In tight wooded areas you really want to understand the intial angle that the disc takes when you release it, keep you out of trouble that way.


Also try different release angles with each, you'll be amazed at the shot selections you can build practicing this way.

The thumber has always been the easier shot for me, by far.  I have never been very good at throwing sidearm and a tommy is pretty much a sidearm thrown vertically, which needs a lot of snap to flip and get much of any distance. Since I get very little snap throwing that way, I throw tommy even worse than I throw sidearm.  But, a thumber is a whole different story.  I just pinch the disc between my thumb and forefinger and lock the pad of my thumb on the inside rim.  Then, I just aim a little left of the target, tilt the disc between 1 and 2 o'clock, and let it rip sort of like I would a baseball, as Eric said.  Most discs thrown thumber will turn left to right, as others have stated.  But if the trees call for a different, swooping flight line, I usually thumb a Flick, releasing it between 12 and 1 o'clock because it has a longer, sweeping turn that can sometimes work where typical thumber lines won't.

I won't say I'm not jealous when I see someone blast a tommy (since I can't), but I'm all thumber anyway baby!  Snap is not a problem and they love to fly to (and sometimes in) the basket!

I like the thunber better as well. Not because I can throw it better than the tomahawk, but I just like the lines that I can send it out on better.
thumbers are easier to throw for me, tomahawks are harder on the elbow and I can't throw them as far.





Been throwing thumber and tomahawks for the last four years been 70% of my game I got upto about 250ft to 300ft with my thumber. I am a Left also. I fined for accuracy and distance the thumber is better.  tomahawks come in handy for certain left to right mid-range hazard dodging and skipping (opposite for you right handers), but for the over hand throwers wanting that power it is thumber all the way.  This year I have been perfecting my backhand throw because for those longer holes rarely can a thumber get you a birdie. I would, however say that anyone who doesn't use either very much should try a couple games throwing them as much as possible off the tee and in mid range situations.  More often than not my backhanding and forearming counter parts will lose a stroke throwing past holes were when attacking a mid-range shot with a half power thumber throw will put you within 3 feet consistently. My last little bit will be that those who only use these throws to get out of hazards and power through branches would also gain alot by trying the thumber off the tee and in open un-obstructed situations during casual play to understand the flight path of the throw. You can hit a 2ft by 2ft opening if you know exactly how your thumber or tomahawk flies with in 5, 10 or even 20 feet of were you land in a wooded area. I have 100s of times in the years saved what could have been double bogey for par by knowing the flight path of my thumber throw. What I know now is that it will rarely get you aces but it can save par more often than not. P.S. I am new here, and I ramble! :-D



Cooper I couldn't agree anymore with you...you just described what Thumb Nation is all about...we are currently working on designing pdga approved disc which will further advance the Thumber....Welcome to THUMB NATION!
Excellent! I will try to do yah proud!

Interesting subject. I see guys throw both from time to time. Are they both released vertically or do you tilt to one side similar to what I (RHBH) know as hyzer / anhyzer? What about the rotation of the disc? Given the sky is 12:00 and the ground is 6:00, does the tommy rotate counter-clockwise and the thumber clockwise?

I rarely get in a situation where I need to throw a tommy, but when I do I always screw it up. Is there a hard/fast quick rule I can remember such as: tommy goes right, thumber goes left. Release tommy at 11:00, thumber at 1:00.

I know I need to go practice, but would appreciate any tips so as not to re-invent the wheel.

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