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I went out to play today and I just threw about 12 holes because that was all the time that I had to play. I played with a younger guy (about 17 I think). I will turn 50 this year. My question is whether you think that a lot of players carry too many discs. I remember playing in a tournament during the summer and I just got tired. After that I vowed to simplify my game and carry fewer discs. I now carry a max of nine discs which run the gamut from understable to overstable. I have everything I need. The kid I played with today carried eighteen discs and I spanked him with my nine discs. My opinion is that you should keep things simple and the benefit is that your bag is easier to carry. This is only my opinion but it has worked for me. KISS...

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I was not saying carry 40 discs because Feldberg does. I was giving an example of one of the best pros in the world. As I said before and you agree 9 discs just dont get the job done right.
Is there even a bag that carries forty discs?
You should carry what you need and no more! I wish I could get it done with 1.
You can if you have a buzzz!
haha don't we all?
try a cart, then you can have a cooler full of water, extra nutrition, extra towels, a 50 year old's necessary medicines and all the discs you need. This winter I put my bag in a little child's sled and WOW, what a difference not having to flip the bag on and off 100 times a round.
When the snow goes away, I'm going to revamp a Schwinn baby stroller for a VERY easy maneuverable cart. But I agree, for those of us that are not Champion Level tossers, a few disc that go where you want are better than a bunch that go off course. I throw 6 or 7 different discs and aside from the putter that I feel secure in not loosing, I carry 2 of all of my favorites, just in case I would ever loose a favorite mid tourney.
Its personal preference. I carry about 14-18. I have a lot of the same disc and stable to beat.

I forehand 95% drives and about 50% upshots
Comets X2

Teebird x2
Eagle x2

Avair x2

So 16 there
actually a lot of the guys at my course have said the cart has been wearing them out. Whether it's them pushing it or pulling it. A couple have complained about shoulder pain...and 2 of them in their 60's have gone back to the bags. I think the baby rollers work best if you were to go with something. All because of the big wheels. The converted golf carts have small wheels a lot of times and don't go smoothly over all of the roots we encounter in the woods. WHich is why I think it's hurting these guys. COnstantly pulling over roots...
I think your right. Choices are not always a good thing. I carry around seven to nine discs depending on the wind. I know and understand these discs pretty well. I still love getting new plastic, but when shooting rounds it makes no sense for me to carry discs that sometimes work for me.
Depends on the course, I can play within 2-3 strokes of my average with just 1 disc, on any course, anytime. (Esp Cyclone)
I prefer less discs to not impair the shot judgment...however it's good to have backups. Like Mark said you don't want to be out on the course during an event without back ups...Murphy's Law There!!! lmao!!!
I agree with the "keep some backups" philosophy". Especially during a tourney. I stopped playing tourneys a while back because of fatherhood responsibilities and money. That changes things a bit. Right now I really only carry backup of one disc, my Banshee. That is one of my main approach discs for its ability to bend around things. That said if I were to lose any of my other discs I would not be happy, but I would adapt. Backups are a definite.


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