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I just had an idea that maybe is already around, but I never heard about it so I thought I would share it.

It's a mix of Ultimate Frisbee and disc-golf, to be played in doubles or maybe as a team. The basic idea is that discs should never hit the ground, otherwise you incur a penalty. One guys throws, the other receives then throws while the other runs to the proper spot (OK, you don't HAVE to run, it's a recreational game).
If playing in teams, for a par 3 hole you would have 3 players who take up their spots before tee-off. The whole thing could even be timed actually, so that in the end each team/pair would have both a score and a time.
No big drives in this variant obviously, tough choices at times (have to play a lot safer, esp. in wooded areas). What type of disc to use is one interesting point: Super Class probably? Putters (soft)?

Looking forward to reading your reactions...

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I created a format just like this about a year ago, used the same name as well, Ultimate Doubles.

My Version:

You and your partner try to complete the course without the disc touching the ground.

Partners alternate pads.

Throw to your partner, if he catches it, then he throws from the spot where caught to you or basket.

If he doesn't catch it, re-throw, until he does. Each throw counts as a stroke.

Alternate throwing and catching to each other until disc is in the basket.

Tap ins (Kan Jam style) do not count as a throw. But if disc hits the ground, re-throw/putt again. This seemed to be the toughest part, knowing where to position yourself for an easy tap in around the basket.

We had a TAP IN ACE last time we played.

Strategy and knowing each others strengths and weaknesses plays a huge part in this format.

Knowing how far you can accurately throw without putting your partner in danger of smashing into a tree is helpful.

Predictable discs that are easy to catch work beast.

We only use rocs and putters to navigate the courses, drivers can be to unpredictable and painful.

Try it out, sure is a blast.

Looking for challengers here in the Sunshine State. Anybody? Anybody?
Many thanks for sharing your experience and tips (and for mentioning Kan Jam, which I had never heard of). I find the idea of a tap-in-aces extreeemely exciting!
Chris , That sounds like fun and a good way to keep in shape.
I'm still voting for little people hiding behind bushes and trying to knock the disc out of the air. A human obstacle course of sorts. And you never know when they will jump out.
Sounds fun, but one of the advantages of DG in my opinion is that the opponent is not allowed to mess with your play, unlike... well, Ultimate.
I suggest allowing the player to throw a couple of dummies, then...
There's been a variation of that played here....a few months ago. I wasn't there for it but I heard it was a rout. One variation that played into a completed hole was having the partner deflect, without catching, the disc into the basket to save the stroke. Sort of a Kan Jam variable going on here. "The Ultimate Doubles Disc Golf Basket Jam"


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