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So, I've been trying to get a straight answer to this question for quite some time now and it seems I can't get one from any Online sites.  Can anybody help me out?
Lets say I have a disc (Star Valkyrie) with a rating 10 / 5 / -2 /  2.
  • Some Turn, not a ton.
  • Some Fade, also not a whole lot.
If I were to release on a huge hyzer angle, would it just flip up and not Turn to the right at all because you released it on that angle?
Most of the answers I have gotten so far have just completely went off subject, insisting me a whole line of different golf discs or changing the question as a whole.  Keep it simple if you can.

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It all depends on how you throw.  I have thrown many understable discs with a hyzer, it flips up and goes dead straight for a long time, so yes that can be the case.  Most of the time it flips up a bit too much and still annys out, or not enough, and I get a long smooth hyzer out of it.

Yes if you release at a proper hyzer angle it will fly that way ,that is if you release right ,the amount of snap and power you put behind the disc .

a valk will s curve when thrown right a nice right to left flight

Huge hyzer angle will probably not flip up to flat unless you have tons of spin. More likely that it will just stay hyzer and go left. Weight will be a big factor on a disc like the Valkyrie. Lighter ones will be easier to get spinning fast for the flight you described. Heavy ones act more overstable if you don't have enough speed.
Yeah, I have both. 151g and 174g. The lighter of the two flips easily maybe a little TOO easy. A beast helps with that.
typically its going to stay hyzer. I throw valk's all the time as my main driver and for me with a smooth deliver and solid power the end up being a fairly striaght disc. But if I turn them, they are going were I aimeds (by that I mean aimed with the bad throw/aim)
It depends on how hard you throw it, but with a valk it probably wouldn't end up going left when thrown with a huge hyzer.  I do have discs that will flip all the way hard right even after a huge hyzer, but a valk is not one of them.  My 150g valk would come close to going right if I released it hard hyzer and threw it max power.

The way the ratings on the disc read.


Speed of 10: Fast long distance driver.

Glide of 5: It will hold air under it for a long time.

Turn of -2: It will high speed flat turn to the right on plane a litlle.

Fade of 2: It will slow speed fade to the left at the end.


In the real world, if have you the ability to throw a disc about 300' and you throw the disc flat on plane it will perform these characteristics. If your arm speed is slower than that, it will go straight only and fade left. Much slower and its going to fade left all the way.


If you have a gun of an arm, you can snap it out hyzer and it will flip up flat on plan and then follow the characteristic design of the discs flight pattern. Super guns can make this thing stay on anhyzer the length of the throw and throw spike hyzers and spike anies with it and actually over ride the numbers.

Just buy about 10 different discs and see what works for you.

Simple answer, yes if you throw the disc with enough hyzer it will not flip all the way over.


Long answer, I throw my 165g sidewinder on as much hyzer as I can, It will flip up flat go straight then fall back left. This disc is beat up a good bit and I can get it out there over 350 feet. Now this is all about arm speed vs snap vs torque , on if a disc will flip over or not. I have very low arm speed and really just use power to throw the disc, I will hyzer flip just about every drive I throw because of the torque I put on the disc. So for your throwing style it may be hard to put enough hyzer on the disc to get it to hold a hyzer line. I throw from my waist, not my shoulders if that makes any sense to you. 

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