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If the basket was invented in the early to mid seventies to accomodate the super class disc, shouldnt it be made smaller for modern putters? Look at the size of a golf ball compared to the hole. We have it way to easy. Id like to roll a disc into a laid over metal can so u have to use the terrain in the factor.

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Go to Trophy Lakes in SC, there's a basket in the ground. I am planning to do that here this summer.
I think it's adds the excitement of super huge deuces and jump putts. I agree with your points though. I think the size is fine. especially now that it'll have to be since super class is being introduced.
the change i'd like to see mandated is a reduction in the gaps on the sides of baskets to eliminate wedgies.
I'm patiently waiting until Gentry has the time to upload the new Tech Specs approved by the PDGA Board on Jan 7th, effective Feb 1. Gap size has been reduced on the basket for Championship level targets among other things.
This is SO timely. At my doctor's this morning I picked up a golf magazine with a funny article in it suggesting that the holes in ball golf ought to be made 6-8 inches across to make putting easier and speed up the game. I am at work and between meetings so I don't have time to find it on the Web and share the link.
when you watch a national event, anything in a circle radius is usually made. maybe just on the national level? different sizes for different tiers? having terrain obstacles in ball golf is hard to duplicate on a disc golf level. you can put shrubs in front of the basket but no closer than six feet. maybe if we could put things closer so you would have to go around it we wouldnt need super class, or huge par 5 courses.
where do you get the idea that obstacles have to be 6 feet from the pin? nothing mandates that.

chuck- do the new specs still allow for dr fred style directional targets?
I like the size... I just think we should make a basket that actually catches good putts. There is nothing worse than when you're playing a good round and battling with the rest of the players in your division. You step up and make a solid putt, but it slices through the chains or shoots strait back out of the basket and lands on the ground. That changes the momentum of the round and you start to think about the putts as you step up to them. As we all know thinking can be a real problem when you're putting. I say leave the size as it is but design the basket so it will catch all of the good putts.
Yes, at one level. There are now three levels of targets. The top two require radial symmetry. But the Basic level allows a wide range of creativity and targets don't even need a defection device. Ching already has one approved that's just a basket that can tilt in any direction as desired.

biscgolf said:
where do you get the idea that obstacles have to be 6 feet from the pin? nothing mandates that.

chuck- do the new specs still allow for dr fred style directional targets?
We've found a solution for spit-outs, at least it works on the BRATS Chainstars. We painted the baskets, chains and all, with barn (red) paint. It mutes the "ching" and eliminates spit-outs.
Good points. In ball golf if they wanted to widen the diameter of a cup that would be reasonably cheap and they have the money to do changes even costly ones to change course design. Disc golf on the other hand, it seems to me that we have a hard enough time just to buy baskets for our courses or get donations/city approval for what we get. How costly is it going to be to update the baskets at all of the courses, or try and convince the city that we need this new basket design? And if only championship courses have the updates applied to them, won't that just make the rest of the courses old and outdated? Outdated= less play, like the shorter courses that Super Class was created to rejuvenate. Or like some of the old post courses that still exist, but you don't see anyone playing them, like in Grand Rapids, MI at Riverside Park.
yeah, lets make the target smaller because you have won how many world events? I like them how they are.


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