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I'm curious to know what everyones first choice is for an upshot about 100 - 200 ft wide open? Big hyzer, straight floater w nose up, anhyzer, flic, straight and flat, etc..... Definitely looking to improve this part of my game so any pointers r greatly appreciated :)

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I'll throw a steep hyzer depending on wind or I'll throw my zero pure straight at it.

No question here unless the left side of the basket is blocked. Sidearm with a Banshee. The Banshee is so predictable that all you have to do is get the distance right and it will fade right at the hole. I have sunk many an upshot with a Banshee or else it ends up right next to the basket.  I have also successfully used a Star TeeBird for upshots in this range. But my go to disc is a Champion Banshee!

Completely wide open, then it just depends on the wind.  No wind I'll be running a beat putter or a mid right at the basket.  Slightly windy, I'll throw a stable putter or mid on a hyzer line.  Heavy wind, go with the ever predictable Zone and hyzer to the pin.  I've hit more pin/cage/chains with the straight line than any other, but sometimes the nice easy hyzer with the stable putter just feels more comfortable.

With a little nose up!! So it just floats right in there!!!! Use my putter!!! With a nice soft landing!!! Once again depending on situation!!! Lambo try playing a round with just your putter!!!! I think it will help in that part of your game!!!!!  You know me I love my putters!!!

Wide open, I'll huck a Putter straight at it. I have been working on my Forehand upshots through the woods, and that has saved me a Bunch of strokes lately. Learning to appreciate the forehand and a Stable disc I can snake through the trees and reliably fade back.

The first thing I look at is the landing area. Is it flat, or does the ground angle uphill or downhill. I want to bring my shot in and land flat at the same angle that the ground is. Provided I have a clear path to the basket, this is the logic that I employ.


Obviously, if there are trees to snake through, or elevation to deal with, or the wind, or maybe my footing is impeaded, I will have to make adjustments. The fact doesn't change though that I am looking for a landing that mirrors the angle of the ground around the basket if at all possible.


Sometimes there are objects blocking the approach directly surrounding the basket. It is then that I look for skip angles into the circle with a backhand or forehand.

Might have to play a round w my putters.... definitely would be a learning expwrience  
I have started using forehand shots too when it offers me a better angle. Definitely a shot that needs  work though

Dook went in depth! :) VERY GOOD POINTS THOUGH Dook. You are once again the voice of Reason. Throw the shot that mirrors the the Terrain. :)

I want my upshot to come in for a soft, controlled landing.  I focus on the ground surrounding the target. I want the disc to land flat and slide, or land on hyzer ange and curl around the pole.  I will often try to give it a chance to go in, but 50% of the time that desicion leaves me with a tap-in bogie.  I guess this shows how much great putting will get you lower scores. If you can drain 30 footers, you can go for the upshot, if you can still call it that. I am starting to think about the wind, and try to leave a tail wind putt.  Tail wind putts are so much easier.  I like to throw really beat up buzz(crystal and flex) or esp Meteor for long upshots.  I like understable mids.  My go to disc for this wide open shot is my six year old evo wizard. So money.

Banshee, banshee, banshee.


Speed and distance. I pretty much exclusively use a forehand shot for upshots because it is easier to control. I will sometimes hyzer bomb it in from greater distance but within about 150 feet I go to the sidearm shot. Aim slightly to the left of the hole, give it the proper speed for the distance and it will end up within a ten foot circle on a regular basis.


I also drain quite a few of those sidearm shots from distance. And when they hit they are usually dead center. I recently hit one from about 150 feet on a hole that I have never birdied before. In that case I launched a Star TeeBird on an anhyzer line (forehand) and it turned back right at the basket and went dead center. Pretty cool for sure. It's not a fluke shot because I do it quite often. 

I'm guessing you are forehand dominant?  Otherwise I don't see the need to throw a forehand hyzer bomb when you could throw the same backhand hyzer bomb....not taking into account terrain and obstacles of course.

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